This Massive Monster Boss Fight Is One Of Many Reasons I Adore Tera

Late Sunday night I joined a party of level 37 and higher Tera players to take on Cultists' Refuge, one of the challenging dungeons in En Masse Entertainment's newly launched massively-multiplayer online role-playing game. That's where I met Bhaozurbas, my new best friend.

A perilous trek through a gothic cathedral leads players to a teleportal that warps them into a gorgeous floating dungeon, populated with hordes of nightmarish creatures and three regular bosses. None of these hold a candle to the massive Argon, Bhaozurbas.

He looks like a Final Fantasy summons. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first saw him. Well, after "Holy shit, we're fighting that?"

He's not just pretty, he's pretty tough as well. He teleports, he creates duplicates, he has the power to kill a pretty pink-haired sorcerer in one or two blows if said sorcerer is not careful.

Luckily I didn't die during this run, though he failed to drop any of the coveted and rare gold caster gear I was hoping for. That's OK. I've always got time to visit an old friend. The game's dynamic combat means that almost every encounter plays out differently according to the player and class makeup. The other day we even managed to take him down without a tank character. We're that good.

Hell, I almost regret that I'm about to level past the dungeon. I'll just have to level some alts for a visit or two.


    Wake me up when Guild Wars 2 has its next beta weekend.

      This. Guild Wars 2 combat is great fun.

    Sorry, Ive been playing the Firefall beta.
    Dont know what Firefall is? MMOShooter. Has the look and feel of WoW with its landscape, quests, teams, buy/sell, crafting, etc. . . but plays like Tribes/Unreal Tournament.
    And the characters and enemies have a Borderlands look.
    Is really great fun. Still rough and buggy, but this is a real beta. Playing to test it.

    Check it out, its awesome!

      Beta has come a long way, but still a true beta, not a marketing exercise. It is nice that Red5 are actively listening to their testers and reacting during each patching cycle.

      Was playing last night checking out the latest patch.

    gw2, tera, firefall, eve online... so many games I haven't even tried.

    standing there for 5+ min casting spells while your tank holds aggro... pretty exciting stuff, i must say tera is on the forefront of mmo innovation

      Final Fantasy Summons are interesting to watch. This is not.

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