This Orchestral Rendition Of The Sworcery Music Is Flat-Out Epic

Yeah, the word "Epic" gets thrown around a lot. Who knows if its meaning has just been diluted over the years or what. But I can't come up with a better term for this!

As you may know Superbrothers and Capy's Sword & Sworcery EP had my favourite soundtrack of last year. That music, composed by Jim Guthrie, was just lovely.

Guthrie has been contributing to a project called the Sworcery A/V Jam, where the guys who made the game have been sharing work from others who "remix" their art and music.

This orchestral remix by composer Marius Masalar is a super-serious standout. It reimagines Guthrie's music from an orchestral standopoing — more or less like if John Williams had scored Sworcery, rather than Guthrie. Dig:

Masalar told me he did the entire thing in Logic in about a day and a half, using a large variety of sampled instruments. I've been really digging into Logic lately, and have been more and more impressed with the options it gives when compared to the old Pro Tools + Reason combo I've used for so many years. Very versatile program!

Props to Masalar for taking Guthrie's great music and doing something so cool with it.

The Sworcery A/V Jam [Tumblr] Marius Masalar [Official Page]


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