This Planetside 2 Air Assault Video Will Get You Excited About The Future Of MMO Shooters

This Planetside 2 Air Assault Video Will Get You Excited About The Future Of MMO Shooters

The original Planetside was perhaps a little ahead of its time. A massively multiplayer FPS in a time when broadband was still finding its feet. Even so, it was magnificent by way of its ambition alone and as lag-stricken as it was (at least, for Australian players), I still remember it fondly — nothing quite beats carrying a pair of rocklet rifles and blowing the crap out of heavily-armed MAX.

Despite giving the game up millennia ago, something about this clip, showing off the gameplay for the sequel’s futuristic combat aircraft, has stirred a primordial organ of unknown purpose deep within me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of classical music go well with games footage. This clip is no exception. Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries pretty much overpowers the entire video, which is a shame, because the action stands fine by itself.

Moving past that, the game is looking great — pretty enough to please the graphics freaks, but not so dressed up as to compromise performance (or so I hope). The flying physics look dead-set arcade-like, but I did notice that the aircraft drift as they turn, which is a nice touch.

Any chance of some Australian servers SOE?

Planetside 2 Massive Air Combat [YouTube, via MMO Game Central]


  • All my dreams have come true. Planetside 2 is coming – I still can hardly believe it.

    \o/ !!!!

  • The flight dynamics look great like their is actually some physics behind it, you can see them drag through the air…

  • The arrangement is called “RIDE of the Valkyries”. This mistake is so common given the music’s link to air warfare, but annoying nonetheless.

    In any case, this game looks excellent. Bring on the Beta.

  • Gotta admit, this DOES kind of makie it look like the game will kinda suck for everyone who doesn’t get to the aircraft first.

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