This Pokémon Lady Has Crazy Long Legs

Okay, so the Pokémon games are not noted for their realism. Young people catch and train monsters. If this anime teaser is anything to go by, Pokémon: Black and White 2 is no exception.

Pokémon: Black and White 2 won't only feature new Pocket Monsters. It will also feature unnatural limbs. As the recent anime trailer review, at least one character will be around nine heads tall. That's...too tall.

Like the first Black and White, Pokémon Black and White 2 features new, older looking characters — one of which has abnormally long legs.

ポケモンBW2の女の子、足が長すぎてキャプテン翼みたいになってるw [ゲームでYouTube]


    If only they grew girls like this is the real world! Get me a cosplay girl of this chick anyday

    You obviously haven't seen some of Clamp's more recent Characters, some of them make this character design look almost realistic.

    I like em with long legs.

      I'd hate to be "that guy" but since nobody has done this yet....

    She could also do with some pants.

      too much $$$ too cover those legs... cheaper to wear shorts.

    She's supposed to be a super-model gym leader so her proportions make sense.

    reminds me of sailormoon character design

    Next up, this chick in some cartoon has huge breasts.

    She's Elesa.
    Her costume changes according to electric type Pokemon designs.
    Before she was Emolga, now she looks like Pacharisu.

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