This ThinkGeek SNES Controller Looks Swish

I'm one of those crazy shut-ins that actually occasionally buys stuff from the WiiWare store and the Virtual Console. I have quite a few SNES games on my Wii, and it never feels quite right playing them with the Wii Classic Controller. Particularly games like Super Metroid or Super Mario World.

It all makes me wish this ThinkGeek SNES controller was released years ago, when I was still super interested in playing SNES games on my Wii. Years ago I would have bought this bad boy without a second thought. Now, post Skyward Sword, I'm seriously wondering if I'll turn my Wii on again for any reason except weighing myself.

Still this is a cool idea, and I love it.


    I got a device from PlayAsia that allows my old SNES pads to play my VC stuff. It works well enough - this kinda reminds me of the at-first-great-but-then-not-so-great rapid fire third party SNES controllers. My hands will know it's not quite right.

    I got the official version from Club Nintendo that they had aaages ago, it's exactly the same as the original snes controller (I compared)

      I was only able to get one of these from CN, wish I could've nabbed another ; n ;

      Hopefully they get them in stock again, but I doubt it.

    I got snes replica pad for PC about four years ago on ebay for two dollars. Lent it to my brother and never had it returned.

    Concave Y and X buttons? What is this unholy US/PAL hybrid! :P

    How could you not mention the Club Nintendo one? This isn't a new thing . :/

    I'd get one if I didn't have to spend fifty minutes trying to sync up my controllers whenever I decide to turn my Wii on every six months.

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