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This week in games... in can't hope to top last week in games, given that Diablo III and Max Payne 3 were released but, you know what? It has a fairly decent crack at it, especially considering we're in May, not November!

Dragon's Dogma might end up being a real surprise for RPG dwellers and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier — it's a new entry into a heavyweight series. Could be worth trying...

DiRT Showdown (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? A new DiRT game... these seem to be coming thick and fast... Should you care? DiRT games tend to be good, but I wonder why the gap between releases is becoming increasingly short?

Dragon's Dogma (360/PS3)

What is it? Capcom's attempt to break into proper open world RPGs — it has more than a few interesting points of difference. Should you care? This game is ambitious, has an interesting combat system and I think it might actually be a very good game.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (360/PS3)

What is it? Latest proper entry into the Ghost Recon series. Has had a bit of a troubled development. Should you care? Jury's out. The 'troubled development' thing should have me worried, but Ubisoft has put a lot into this series. I don't expect they'd want to release something substandard. Wait for reviews I think.

Mario Tennis Open (3DS)

What is it? Wow, I'd forgotten about this — sorry guys. It's actually sitting on my desk now! Should you care? You can't really go wrong with this. Exactly what it says on the tin. There's not much new for the 3DS, might as well give this a bash.


    FUTURE SOLDIER! Featuring soldiers from the future! Haha, man I cant keep up with these shooter titles.

      WARFIGHTER! E' Fights wars and doesn't afraid of anybody!

      Mark, PLEASE incorparate a like button. This comment is liked by me and seconded by Unicron.

    Unless the date has changed, Mario Tennis Open (3DS) is scheduled to release Friday 25/05

    im getting ghost recon not sure about dragons dogma im hearing it very hard like dark souls and monster hunter

      if it very hard like Dark souls and monster hunter, i'm getting it.

    DiRT has been moving to an Arcade racer and this one is just that, hopefully it bombs and they realise a real rally sim is what people want!

    Never really tried the Ghost Recon series and I don't plan to start now, backlog says hi!

    I had some fun with the demo of Dragon's Dogma, so this is something that I might grab in the future, possibly the eventual CAPCPOM Super Championship EX Alpha Turbo Edition

      I think it's a bit harsh to wish that Showdown fails. Codemasters promised that Dirt 4 would return to the authentic rally action and that Showdown is a Spin-off.

      I think let's wait and see first.

    Why is it CodeMasters can pump out a new DIRT every 6 months or so, but seem unwilling / unable to make a new Race Driver GRID? I guess maybe they figure NFS Shift has kind of stolen that market, but I loved GRID and wouldn't mind seeing a new one.

    My Ghost Recon Collectors Edition pre-order was with GAME >:

    Oh, and if you're thinking of picking this game up, remember one thing. This game is NOT Call of Duty.

      thats why I'm considering getting it (pending reviews) :p
      though to be honest, I'm keeping more of an eye on R6:Patriots.

    Dragon's Dogma looks good, but I'm not considering picking it up on the grounds that it's not on PC, and I can't justify a 360 timesink these days.

    I might just go right ahead and play Max Payne 3 again. Insanely good. Like Uncharted if Drake had a mental breakdown.

      With a difference, headshots take enemies down! Lol

    Pity about Dogma being made by Capcom. No chance I'm supporting them.

      So you're going to let what could be a potentially terrific new IP crash and burn as a way of protest against Capcom and their DLC practise, which they're heavily reconsidering doing?

        Would I abandon the products of a company I feel are treating their customers with contempt?

        Um... of course?

    VERY interested in Dragons dogma - the demo was scha-weeeet!

    For me its Max Payne 3, last week was dedicated to Diablo 3

    Dragon's Dogma! Yew can't wait, haven't been this excite for a game in a while. After playing the demo (about 4x) I'm hooked, I hope the rest of the game pans out ok though.

    Also wouldn't mind playing Future soldier too, maybe.

    The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta was surprisingly good. I expected a lot more issues when playing it, yet it ended up being a positive experience. I had little-to-no lag the majority of the time (see: 95%), and playing on (I assume) American servers that's impressive for a beta (let alone the actual game).

    Needless to say, I'm definitely picking Ghost Recon up. Half a dozen of my buddies were involved in the beta with me, and we all love it. The controls are sleek, the graphics impressive, and the gun control combined with cover and tactical implementation are really great. And that's just enjoyment from the two maps available during the beta, let alone the campaign (which has 4 player co-op), and the Guerrilla mode (akin to most horde modes in other games).

    If you have the chance, try it. It's a solid release, and very enjoyable.

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