Three Dollars Adds A Pack Of Penthouse Pets To Saints Row The Third

THQ continues to milk the living hell out of its best thing going with today's release of the Penthouse Pack for Saint's Row the Third, bolstering the ranks of players' gangs with a quartet of models from America's minor league nudie mag.

Minor league might be a little harsh, really. I'd say that Penthouse has a lock on fourth place in the "men's magazine" category, behind Playboy, Hustler and Maxim (which isn't technically in the same category). It features women who aren't as airbrush-friendly as the ones in Hugh Hefner's mag yet possess enough self-esteem to say no to Larry Flynt's publication.

For 240 Microsoft Points, Nikki Benz, Justine Joli, Ryan Keely and Heather Vandeven will join your squad, bringing their various talents to bear in the war against the Syndicate.

They don't seem to bring any special bonuses, statistics or weapons with them, so I am not quite sure what the selling point here is supposed to be. If anyone needs me I'll be taking a nap in Oblivious Land.


    Saint's Row 3 craze has worn off for me, this one was fun but not as near as fun as 2 was, hav eto wait for 4 now (been confirmed that one will be made just no idea when)

    Pass. At least the Tera Patrick DLC in SR2 had some story missions to go with it. This is just pointless eye candy, and seems a little late considering the game is over 6 months old. Who's going to still be so into it that this seems like a good idea?

    I can't blame THQ for trying to spin up some cash but... damn.


      This too. Holy shit they didn't really come through the modelling process too well did they?

    Meh not worth it.

    This wouldn't be so bad if it were free, or at least counted as part of the Season Pass (which, my god, do I regret wasting money on). But to charge for a couple of scantily clad women who vaguely resemble some real life "models"? Nope. No thank you.

    yeah those girls aren't even sexy - their faces almost look like men.

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