Three Nintendo Icons Draw Kirby

Nearly 20 years ago, three household names in Nintendo gaming took a shot at drawing Kirby inside the official strategy guide for Kirby's Adventures. Masahiro Sakurai, the game's creator (and creator of the Super Smash Bros. series); Shigeru Miyamoto, who really needs no introduction, and Satoru Iwata, who doesn't either, unless you don't know who Nintendo's current CEO is.

At the time, Iwata was simply the producer for Kirby's Adventures. He'd also worked on titles such as Balloon Fight. All three drew the titular Kirby.

Iwata's business and programming background probably explains the details, or lack thereof, in his attempt. The creative backgrounds of Sakurai and Miyamoto are quite apparent in theirs. It's an interesting look at three critical figures in that company's history, especially in modern day.

The HAL that is referenced on Kirby's balloon in Miyamoto's drawing is for HAL Laboratory, a Nintendo subsidiary that has produced the Kirby series (and exists to this day). And yes, it is named for the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

1993 Miyamoto, Iwata and Sakurai Draw Kirby [Andriasang]


    Those photos ar classic!

      Iwata looks like Freddie Wongs Dad, hahaha

    Can anyone do English translations on the text?

      Miyamoto: He made Super Mario, the legend of Zelda, etc. A famous guy! Everyone already knows him, right?
      He's also the producer for Kirby this time around.

      Someone else can do the other two.

    I think that Miyamoto's Kirby is holding a pair of fans, not balloons.

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