Too Human Is Worth, Oh, A Few Bucks, Says Judge

Too Human Is Worth, Oh, A Few Bucks, Says Judge

The great Silicon Knights-Epic Games slapfight is at last underway in a courtroom, but already a judge has suggested that even if the maker of Too Human wins, it could lose. He’s said that the damages up for grabs are $US1.

That’s because Silicon Knights failed to provide him with a timely, or acceptable, itemization of the damages they were claiming, reports Polygon. The judge got sick of waiting and, on May 7, entered an order saying the damages total up for grabs is a crisp one-dollar bill, per claim.

To recap, Silicon Knights alleges that Epic failed to provide a working game engine for Too Human withheld an improved version of the Unreal engine, and used licensing fees to, in bad faith, fund its development of Gears of War and not improve Unreal.

Polygon notes this has no bearing on whether Epic can be found guilty of those claims against it, and the damages could be appealed. Presumably, Silicon Knights would be owed attorney’s fees and court costs, but to get a damage award that made it whole would take a bunch more lawyering.

This isn’t the first scrape Silicon Knights has had with this judge over the subject of potential damages. Back in January, a judge denied the developer’s attempt to enter expert testimony on the estimated damages it suffered when the deal with Epic went sour.

Silicon Knights Vs. Epic trial has big names, but little money [Polygon]


    • I’m not a lawyer, but as far as I know this is a nominal damages fee used to represent that technically there was harm done, but without any actual proof of the harm (because of the failure to comply with the May 7th deadline) they can’t actually claim anything. There have been quite a few cases where people end up with $1 in nominal damages such as the recent case where a couple sued Google because StreetView photographed their private road.

  • This actually works in their favour, should they lose this case they can take the dispute over the $1 damage to a different court and get at least some compensation.

  • That sucks so hard, Eternal Darkness is what made me buy a Gamecube and MGS: Twin Snakes was wonderful. There’s no justice in the world, none whatsoever.
    Sell Eternal Darkness to Ubisoft or Konami and let them do a sequel.

  • I say it’s fair. Silicon Knights should be sued for making Too Human. I will never get those few hours of my life back.

    • So can I sue you for the 3 – 4 seconds it took to read that. 1$ would be satisfactory.

      Loved Too Human, it was broken in alot of ways for sure, but there is greatness underneath. What it really had was sequel potential… just need to fix some of its issues to make it more acceptable to the masses.

  • Hold on people. . . Epic arent the ones in the wrong here.
    Silicon Knights deserve nothing. They made a shit game and are blaming Epic for it. The shit load of other developers who made great games with the same Unreal Engine are proof of that.

    • This is my argument whenever silicon knights come up in conversation, at the end of the day they are half ass’ developers who couldn’t bank their cheques.

    • those devs made great UE3 games AFTER gears of war. silicon knights was using the engine pre-gears, and they say it sucked. they claim epic used the money SK paid them to make gears, as opposed to making the engine better. this would’ve been early 2000’s.

      • Just for the sake of proving you wrong a quick google which linked to a wiki list showed that before Too human was released games like Mass effect, RS: Vegas 1, UT3 and obviously Gears were all actually released before Too Human so your argument is quite flawed.


  • I, for one (possibly the only one) loved Too Human. It had its flaws, but so does every game. I thought the story was well done, then I went looking into the characters and found the story followed almost exactly to the original greek mythology , with its own technological spin on it.

    What makes me sad about this whole court case drama, is that there will never be a sequel I can carry my Cybernetic Commando over to, that I sunk a good 80 hours in.

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. Apporaching 100 hours on my Human Beserker, plus however long I spent on other characters. Still only missing the achievement for the complete Armor Set.

      The game had some serious flaws, which I will never deny, but one of the best things to do was to grab a friend and play co-op, which eliminated most of the cutscenes and turned the game into a fairly fun dungeon crawler. I have a friend who hated the game (And still does in fact), but we spent hours upon hours playing co-op.

      • get me online no one in my city plays too human im sure hahaha, user tag is wraithscent i think.
        they r seeking damages cause epic didnt give them the complete tools for them to create the game. which i think is fair. it was full of mechanical issues however the story was good and the game should be given a shot. you just have to get past the high learnin curve (no help menu no guide etc) and im sure most people will in joy it.

      • methinks he played another game without realizing, that’s the only way I can think of for someone to like Too Human.

        • Norse ;P Its been 3 years since I played it and the story is over after the first 5-10 hours, as Vapor said – the rest is spent in co-op. Methinks you should go back to Diablo if the servers are still up.

    • I would’ve replied sooner, but I was waiting for that damn Valkyrie cutscene to finish.

    • It’s not Greek. It’s Scandinavian. But the game was quite good and I think that some one should take the reins and make a second one cause it can turn out to be f**king amazing if it got made with some lovely and more badassness

  • So to clarify, the judge denied their attempt to give him the amount of damages owed, and then penalises them a massive amount for not giving him the mount of damages owed. Methinks I smell a rat

  • hey, i know how they can make a shit ton of money…

    no one wanted too human, everyone wanted another eternal darkness…

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