Treasure These Miniature Plastic Heroines

Last weekend, the Treasure Festa was held in Tokyo, bringing a, excuse the pun, treasure trove of plastic statues. The figurines included upcoming pieces as well as second-hand and limited edition ones.

Japanese website Akiba Hobby was on hand to check out the festivities. In the gallery above, have a glimpse at some of the bishoujo (beautiful girl) figurines exhibited.

トレジャーフェスタ in 有明7「グリフォンエンタープライズ・展示コーナー」, 「トレジャーフェスタ in 有明7」フォトレポート(後編), 「トレジャーフェスタ in 有明7」フォトレポート(前編) [アキバHOBBY]


    Saying "excuse the pun" does not excuse the pun.


    Quicky question: how does this article have anything to do with PC?

      Touhou figurines maybe? They're PC characters...


    I think monks should get one of these and leave it on display in their bedrooms. That way they will never have the opportunity to break their celibacy vows.

      Guess that would make me a royal eunuch.

    Vaguely appropriate.

    "Treasure" has been a euphamism for sexualised plastic tidbits since the 80s when a "treasure museums" (aka sex museums) popped up in onsen towns all across the country after the success of the one in southern Mie Prefecture.

    This article is bullshit. Sort your life out Brian

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