Turn Your iPhone Into A Virtual Military Arsenal

Your living room is the setting of your next first-person shooter. Or maybe its your front yard. Or your office. It's up to you.

Real Strike is a 3D augmented reality FPS camera app that gets you an array of guns to fire through your iPhone. The app uses the iPhone camera and allows you to "pretend" you're shooting up whatever is in your camera's lens.

This is less a game and more something to fiddle around with, or even make short clips with. Even though it's not a game per se, it does give players 25 different weapons to shoot, with each having realistic sounds and 3D models. You can even examine each weapon close up — pretty neat if you're into guns, I guess!

In the game's trailer, it looks like you can shoot things and have them fall over. I couldn't figure out how to do that — and while it's satisfying to hear the weapons reload and fire, it's all rather anti-climatic. It's like you keep missing. But, I guess it's currently difficult to create AR apps that actually appear to riddle your living room with bullet holes?

Still, it's interesting. My favourite part was Real Strike thermo and night vision. They are software tricks — and, of course, not actual thermo and night vision cameras. But they're pretty good camera tricks! And Real Strike is a pretty good little app.

Real Strike - The Original 3D Augmented Reality FPS Gun App [iTunes]


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