Turning One Of The Internet's Most Annoying Tasks Into A Game

You know what CAPTCHA is? It's that thing that makes you enter letters and numbers on a website to prove you're a human, and not a machine hell-bent on learning our human ways and killing us all by downloading a .zip file. It's probably the thing I hate most about the internet, so it's lovely to hear that someone's trying to replace the system with simple games.

A competing service called PlayThru looks to embed simple little minigames that require completion. It's the same principle - input something that a computer would find difficult/impossible to do - only it won't make you squint, curse then vow never to visit that website again.

Are You a Human replaces annoying CAPTCHAs with games [VentureBeat]


    would totally be easier than captcha. <3

    Wouldnt work on touch devices and phones unfortunately unless it's html5 based.

    Thank freaking Jehovah almighty. Sometimes those words you're asked to type look like a shit stain on carpet.

    some captcha are ridiculous, especially the case sensitive, when you get I l, O 0, 5 S, and it doesn't help when they are blended with each other the worst being when they blend M and N together some times.

    Thanks interwebs, this will make my lesbian pr0n way easier to download now :)

    Oh my glob, finally.

    Yes but the Captcha concept is totally super awesome http://www.ted.com/talks/luis_von_ahn_massive_scale_online_collaboration.html

    sometimes I really wonder who captcha is really trying to keep out.

    whilst the idea of it is great (personally can't stand CAPTCHA and trying to deceipher it), there is the slight problem for how much it resembles those annoying interactive ads, and how people may mistaken it for one of them, and either a) completely ignore it and get frustrated on not being able to do what they wanted to or b) click on ads by accident that may try and mimic this, only to be bombarded with spam.

    Whilst i'd doubt people on Kotaku would be one of those people, but there are people out there who, god forbid, still use IE and click on ads thinking they have won something *shudder*

      Customers at work who get viruses and such cause they click those ads and other troll / baiting ads.

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