Twitter Is Pretty Sure Bioshock Infinite Has Become Duke Nukem Forever

Perhaps you heard today that Ken Levine and Irrational's much-hyped, ambitious Bioshock Infinite has ben delayed until 2013.

Why was it delayed? Was it because it's a really ambitious-looking game that needs more time to be completed? Was it because they decided to add multiplayer? Or was it because the game is actually a flaming train-wreck that has been limping along for years, losing team members like they're going out of style while careening towards the release of a lackluster product that will disappoint the entire world?

In other words, has Bioshock Infinite become… Duke Nukem Forever?

That may seem unlikely, but people certainly had no trouble running to twitter to make the comparison. Partly because, as you may have noticed, the games' two names have something in common.

(I like that one. So straightforward!)

I like that that one came from a twitter-user named "When it's done."

And now, my personal favourite...



    Nothing can become Duke Nukem Forever, it may have Infinite in the name but they have a tendency to actually release games instead of reworking on 5 different engines, we want the best game and that will take time.

      Half Life Episode 3 is the new Duke Nukem Forever.

        Really? Valve has announced HL3? Why has Kotaku not reported this?

          As far as I'm concerned, if you end on a cliff hanger, thats when the clock starts. Not when you decide to announce your working in it.

          Asside from nitpicking that he said Ep 3, not HL3, Valve did anounce it.

          Back in 2005.

          "Today's gold announcement was the first official confirmation that a third Half-Life 2 episodic update is in development. Like Episode Two, Valve divulged little in the way of information about Episode Three, saying only that it was the last "in a trilogy...that will conclude by Christmas of 2007."

    Bound to happen with some high profile game when all the publishers decide to cram all the games for the rest of the year into a one week October release date. It'll keep. :P

    Sadness can be the new Duke Nukem Infinite.

      That's beautiful. *tear roll down cheek*

      That was one of the reasons I bought a Wii.... such a cool game idea, shame it became vapour..

    I thought the original release date from that trailer was 2013 anyway.

    Wasn't there a rumour that GTA V was launching the same week in October this year? ;)

    By that logic Half-Life 3 is Duke Nukem Forever?

      Half-Life 3 as never been announced. Hell Episode-3 never got a proper announcement like episodes 1 and 2 did.

    No, I think Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the new "Duke Nukem Forever." Heck, that game was announced before Half Life 2: Episode 2 came out.

    Final Fantasy Versus Forever.

      I'll go with this one and/or The Last Guardian also before Bioshock Infinite.

    Not a chance in hell! The Bioshock Infinite real-time gameplay videos look amazing!

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