Um, You Can't Build An MMO For The 3DS' Browser, Can You?

Asked straight up most people's response would be "no, stupid", especially since it doesn't have java or flash. Where you or I would see that as an impediment, however, the folks behind Project Triniate see it as a challenge.

While crude, it appears they've got the basics up and running, and while you may never get to play it yourself, it looks like the project's site is already there and ready for a 3DS browser.

Nobody said it was going to be awesome. Just that it was a challenge to be overcome!

A browser-based MMORPG for the 3DS [Nintendo 3DS Blog, via Go Nintendo]


    jquery and html5 would make this possible, however basic it is

    Don't get references from 3DSBlog... That site is just a fountain of unresearched rumours. Plunkett haters should go read that for five minutes, it's seriously some of the worst journalism out there.

      That's probably because it's not really journalism. It's just a blog run by an Australian 3DS fan. I haven't looked at the site for a while, but leading up to the release of the system, he was doing a pretty good job actually.

      Its not a rumor.
      I go to the site that holds triniate. I've been a member for a year. The programmer, Robdeprop, is creating triniate.

    no one cares about nintendont

      Genesis Does!

      ....I'll go sit in the corner..

    Should make it play Runescape

    Its real, go to on 3ds browser. I'm on the site the creator created which is 3dsplaza its awesome. Go to on 3ds, dsi, or pc. Its perfect. Project triniate is real, but to access the demo its 1.00 when its complete it will be free ;)

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