Valve Knows They Keep You Waiting. There's Even An Amusing Chart About It.

Nothing's worse than thinking you're going to get something cool at a certain time and finding out that there's going to be some sort of delay. Damn you, delays!

While other companies wouldn't own up to the amount of time they keep folks waiting, Valve is better than that. The developer of the Team Fortress, Half-Life and Portal games have cooked up a handy chart that compares the promised and actual delivery dates for various sorts of content. There's also a component that tracks when they've actually gotten stuff in ahead of their announced

To me, a grid like this shows that Valve has a sense of awareness and humour about the way that they're perceived. And for those keeping score at home, there's no mention of a certain sequel.

Valve Time


    How is this news?
    This has been there for years, and only now you pick to do a story on it? A three paragraph long story on it. On something as insignificant as this?

    Good work.

      It's the first I've seen of it, it's funny and it's gaming related

        Agreed. People are raging too much at the site lately not understanding fully what this sites goal is. I infact enjoy random news overlords.

          Also agreed

        You're doing it wrong, Yen, you're supposed to say "I HATE YOU, LUKE".

      Chill pill - it's the first time i've seen it too.

      Take a cold shower and the rest of us will sit here and chuckle away.

      No I agree with Stapler, this is old old old news. Like 5 years old! I thought it may have been updated to include HL3 to poke fun at the community, but it is just the same. Well granted it has added DOTA 2 and more CounterStrike stuff.

      The problem with the quality of Kotaku US's articles is that on a different site it would be alright (except the abundance of spelling and grammatical errors), because a different site would be geared towards creating a community but Kotaku just posts up random stuff for the page hits. You try navigate the US site and see it is a friendly interface to have discussions with people (it is absolutely appalling, they need to hire a new web dev team). Again I'll say that it on Kotaku AU they foster a much better environment for a community discussion and the authors respond a heck of a lot more.

        'but it is just the same.'
        Except they added HL3.
        And DOTA 2.
        And more Counterstrike stuff.

        Don't like it? Don't read it, and please don't leave your cynicism for the rest of us to trip over.

      Whoah chill, man. Just because you know it, doesn't mean other people know about it.

      I've seen the chart, but the last time I checked it was like 2 years ago. Good to know they updated the chart.

      I wish people like you would just be quiet. I never saw this and I'm glad they posted it.

    "Half Life 2: Episode, Valve Time: Christmas of 2007, Actual Time: Coincident with the Rapture" that made me lol :D

      Is that Valve humor or their way of telling us HL2: Ep 3 comes out in December? If it is I called it :D

    People with names I recognise haven't seen this? That can't be right, I've never even played a Valve game and I've known this for years.

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