Video Games Are Coming To Life And Destroying (or At Least Confusing) San Francisco

Kenny Kong is an artist who, for the past three years, has been working with Zenimax on The Elder Scrolls Online. Having since chucked that in to pursue a Masters at California College of the Arts, he's been able to do things a little more interesting.

He's working on a series of sculptures where video-game influenced creatures come to life on the streets of San Francisco. He did a wolf first and then this awesome shark, which as you can see never fails to attract a little attention.

You can check out more of Kenny's work at his personal site, linked below.

Kenny Kong [Site]


    wait, how are these videogame related?

      I agree, these are sculptures not video games. #BRINGBACKJOURNALISM

        who cares, stop riding plunkett's junk.

      Well, I thought the wolf was Shiranui from Okami... but the shark? Maybe it's Miami Shark?


    I thought okami wolf too

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