Want To Buy A Coffee Table Made From Xbox 360s?

Alright, I don't think anyone here can beat me. I've suffered through six Xbox 360 RRODs — four personal retail units, and two debug review units. Not once did I think I could delve into this graveyard and create anything constructive, but a local Australian artist clearly did — he used them to build a coffee table! And now it's for sale...

You can view the auction on eBay right now. The starting bid is $1000 which, if I'm being perfectly honest, seems a little bit steep — but apparently all offers will be considered!

Thanks Jay!


    A few years back my brother went three in a row that RROD'd straight out of the box!
    By the time he took his 3rd one back to JB-HiFi they were getting really suspisous.

    I went through 3 original version 360's before finally upgrading to the newer version, including my first import one I bought from the UK after the Australian launch was delayed. It RROD'd just a few weeks later on the Australian launch night.

    I love that machine to death but damn is it unreliable!

      Mine must love me, as it hasn't had any issues since the day I bought it (December 1st 2008). Might not be the unpredictable launch console, but still. Three years (and possibly a fourth) is still a pretty long time.

    Story of my Xbox 360s. First one I bought had a defective harddrive, return to JB for a replacement unit. Second units disc drive fails after a week, return to JB and get another replacement. Third one lasts three years before finally RRODing. Current have a refurbished unit that's about 2 years into its life. Hoping it doesn't RROD again. I've been a case of third time lucky I guess.

    $1,000? All those 360's would have to be working before I'd even consider paying that.

    Oh well, at least in this configuration you only have to worry about the Brown Ring of Coffee rather than the Red Ring of Death.

      that, sir.... just made my day! hahahaha! best call ever ...of all time! xD

    I'm on my third myself - the first two went Kaputz under warranty. This one was a refurb I think - its worked well since '08. Been thinking I'll grab a slim when it dies as I use my 360 as a media center.

    Poor guy must have a thousand watchers and no bids

    My first xbox had 2 CD drive replaced and then finally RROD after 3 yeras then i bought a new one. (still on my release day PS3, with backwards cap, and just put a bigger hdd in it)
    As creative as it is, i dont think anyone will pay full price for it.

    The maker needs to put a glass on top cover the holes, if he wants it to function as a proper coffee table.

      The consoles aren't flat sided either... the surface isn't going to be level.

    It would be cool if each disc tray would open so you could use them as expandable cup holders/coasters for the table

    Thanks for having a look i am starting to build other furniture out of consoles and computer parts, and i will take all your feedback on board for my next designs,

    Hideous. Anyone would would drop $1000 on this needs their head examined.

      Thanks for that inspiring comment on one of my first pieces of art... most people who have seen it think its pretty awesome, and if i had the space in my house i would keep it

    As a game developer I could probably beat you there Mark ;)

    Funny story, a few years ago after Kevin Rudd gave us that $900, I decided I was going to buy a PS3 or a 360 with the money (I already had a Wii). I was really tossing up between the two, as they both had pros and cons, and I quite honestly couldn't decide which one to get. While I was trying to decide, I was given a 360 debug kit for my desk at work. Brand new, straight from Microsoft, took it out of the box and it was broken. Switched it on and it orange-ringed (not red-ringed), couldn't even get to the xdk menu, just hung on the logo screen. A 360 debug kit, brand new out of the box, broken. That was the catalyst in me deciding to buy a PS3 :P

    I'm not having a go at Microsoft or the 360, I think it's a good machine and its great to develop on (even though it's a pain to juggle memory usage, and disc space to a certain extent), but the number of hardware failures is astranomical. While the PS3 isn't without its flaws and can definitely suffer from hardware faults, they are far far FAR less common than the 360. The number of people I know that have gone through 3+ 360's is ridiculous.

    It's amazing how well Mircosoft have done with the Xbox 360 considering how crap the hardware was. I guess people are suckers for punishment.

      What's ironic is that the hardware is just as flakey to develop on. Memory management in particular is a pain in the arse.

    I went through six 360's too, Mark, and the one I have now is my seventh (obviously). It gets turned on for must-play Microsoft exclusives, and nothing else. Luckily for me I bought the EB Extended Warranty which, back then, allowed you to swap it for a brand new console rather than a refurbished one.
    It's people like me - well, people who had the same SHIT experience as me - who prompted EB to change their ESA policy entirely. They once posted a picture of all the broken 360's at the refurb warehouse and it was literally a wall of pallets stacked ten-by-ten-by-ten.
    My PS3 (my first PS3, mind you) still works perfectly. Ne'er a hiccup, as my gran would say.

    Bought a 360 when it was released. RROD after about 2 years. Bought a Gaming PC. Fried the graphics card and both HDDs failed. Replaced them for less than the price of a 360 (back then). Winnar

    My first run unit RROD'd so a mate of mine 'fixed' it, problem is he turned the fan speed up so high that it sounded like a vacuum cleaner! Then it gave up the ghost for good a few months later. Since then I picked up a Jasper model and haven't had any issues several years in. It gets used for exclusives and multi-platform titles, as they are usually better performance wise. Love my ps3 for exclusives, BD viewing and watching MKVs though (after sticking them in another container of course).

    If you can turn them on you'd also have a wicked space heater that would prob melt a hole in the floor!

    US army might give you some cash for it..

    Got an Xbox 360 at launch, had it cark it 4 times before the warranty expired. My choices were either pay $200 for a band-aid "fix" that would inevitably fail in a few months, or pay $400 for a new console with a Kinect, which I have zero interest in (I was really hoping to find one of those $180 Arcade units but they were long gone).

    Needless to say, I got a PS3.... Then realised the online is a bag of bollocks so I built a PC with a GTX 680 :)

    Been there, done that, did it years ago with 10 of the damn wretched things

    Even wired them so that two power supplies power 6 of them just to flash the red ring.


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