Want To Fight To The Death Hunger Games Style? Fire Up Minecraft

The dystopic, autocratic world of The Hunger Games hasn't really been well-represented in video games just yet. There are ways a traditional game could work, but for the time being the only official version of Panem we've got is on Facebook.

In unofficial representations, however, there's the wide world of Minecraft, where Hunger Games fans have gotten busy building arenas. After all, when you can build anything and everything, why not make an arena in which tributes fight to the death, desperate for the chance to be the last man or woman standing?

Cannons count the fallen and tributes fight each other as well as environmental horrors in the battle to stay alive. The video above gives you the idea, although sadly our narrator is no Katniss Everdeen, and we don't get to see the ultimate outcome of the match.

No word on if you and a partner can ultimately defy a square-cornered President Snow. Perhaps in a sequel we'll find out he's actually a collection of creepers wearing a president suit.

Minecraft Hunger Games exists, and it's just as amazing as you're imagining [Tecca — Thanks Mike!]


    I've seen a few of these on Youtube (mainly from TheNoochM), but it'd be AWESOME to take part in one of these.

    There was already a Hunger Games server site/group, these guys are just copying the idea.

    The only way it'll be better is if they stop it from being a sneak-holding contest, you literally had to hold sneak the whole time because wankers could see your nametag underground otherwise, so they have to disable nametages. Then there were the x-ray texture pack users, and the regular cheaters.

    The server on "brexillionsgoodtime.wordpress.com" has a couple of hunger games arenas

    Hi I'm here to play the hunger games

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