Watch R2-D2 Go On A Hilarious Death-Dealing Rampage In Grand Theft Auto IV

This clever Grand Theft Auto mod by YouTube user taltigolt is pretty funny for the first 1:45 then HOLY CRAP does this little droid turn into an engine of destruction. And if you think that is hilarious, turn off the annotations and wait until 3:43 for one hellacious surprise. Just cover your keyboard, or don't be drinking anything.

Grand Theft Auto IV R2-D2 Mod by taltigolt [YouTube. Big h/t to Andy S.]


    Slow news day huh...

      Good lord that was not hilarious

      It's Sunday, your point?


    I find it annoying that "shits n' giggles" mods like this are constantly featured on news sites rather than the ones that actually completely overhaul the game and change the experience. It was the same with that stupid terminator mod for GTA, and also that Macho Dragons mod for Skyrim. The mod community of these games have many talented and devoted individuals and they barely get any recognition on sites like this, whereas some stupid mod that adds a completely unimmersive feature to the game which you'll get bored of in a couple of minutes gets posted everywhere?

      I would like a weekly feature showcasing the best immersive mods, but these also have their place.

        Have you managed to miss all the coverage for DayZ?

        Sorry, that reply was meant for the comment above..

      That's all the less "shits n' giggles" mods they've covered in 2012 anyway.

        You have fourteen links? We're five months, yes, nearly halfway through the year and there are fourteen articles this year about mods that took more than twenty minutes to put together? Even then, more than half of those mods are only there because the rest of the media as a whole was talking all about it at the same time.

        I'm not retarded, I AM actually aware that they do articles with mods that are worth my time, however if you actually read my comment (Jesus if only I had a dollar for every time I had to say that last bit on this site), you would notice that I was referring to the entire gaming media, not just Kotaku. Even so Kotaku barely has enough, when you compare to how often they post mods like this that barely add a worthy feature to a game.

        The amount of incredible mods created for Skyrim and GTA and plenty of other popular releases is just staggering and I've barely seen any of them on here, except for that stupid "Pinkie Pie is a dragon" and "No more spiders" mods for Skyrim. I could put together mods like that in twenty bloody minutes with my eyes closed and they're more popular than the ones that actually took effort, talent, and valuable time.

          14 is good in comparison to the 6-7 "funny" mods they'v covered.

          What you have to realise is that "Mods" is not a tab up the top and instead is a tag in an article, this is because mods are not their focus, the same rings true for other gaming news sites.

          It's like asking why a a standard news site doesn't do more articles on those really cool indie games that are so much deeper and more worthwhile than the new Call of Duty, you're looking at a niche within a niche, thus the majority of people viewing these articles will do no more than view them, and if a person already cares about mods then they more than likely already surround themselves with the appropriate news outlets (i.e. Nexus, ModDB) or have the featured mod installed already.

          For example, I enjoy co-op games, I don't expect Kotaku (or similar sites) to keep me up-to-date on ALL my co-op needs, so I get my news from co-op-centric websits like Co-optimus, and continue to use Kotaku (and similar sites) for the purpose they're meant to serve, being general gaming news.

          As a final point, I think it's these silly types of mods that helps people who never thought of modding actually try it out. It's fun, stupid and not intimidating in the slightest, I can play as R2D2 or Terminator in GTA 4? HELL YEAH THOSE GUYS ARE AWESOME! From there, if they become interested they can go on to search what else they can do in the game, maybe they can make all GTA 4 weapons like Star Wars blasters, or add in cave trolls from LotR, whilst looking they can stumble upon a massive wealth of mods doing all kinds of insane things and before you know it they've double their game folder size in custom content. This reaction can also be triggered by more serious mods, and accordingly these sites cover them, but you want them to be less intimidating mods like "make Skyrim look pretty" so the concept seems approachable to newcomers.

          You're looking at these posts from "mod enthusiast" point of view, not "general gaming news" point of view, and this isn't a mod enthusiast website.

      They do and have features many serious mods on this site before. Including ones for Skyrim and GTA IV...

    hahahahahaha so good, thanks for sharing


    man there's alot of taxis...

    fus ro dah. that was shit

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