Watch The Wii U Controller Change Before Your Very Eyes

Over the weekend, a new photo surfaced of what's supposedly the Wii U controller. It looked, well, different.

But how different? Here is a GIF that shows just how the controller has apparently changed between (northern) summer 2011 and this (northern) spring. The photo showed a new square button on the left side and shifted start and select buttons. More importantly, the image depicted true analogue joysticks.

Granted, Nintendo has yet to confirm the recently leaked photo. But still, have a look and compare for yourself.

This image popped up on Japanese bulletin boards, but I believe it was created on Western forums.

WiiUコントローラーの2011E3バージョンと2012年5月バージョン比較 [へちま速報]


    So where's the cup-holder?

      You 'are' the cup holder!

        *mind explodes*

    the square button is a "shift" function style button. Still doesnt have analogue triggers tho..

      Genuine question (no attitude intended): How would you know? I hope you're not right, analogue triggers are a necessity.

        What's wrong with digital triggers?

          Well I have no clue but being digital I can assume they function in a state of either On or Off. IF that is the case then fine turning, for example, your speed in a racing game wont work the same if at all as it does with analog triggers. (If thats what their called) which can be semi pressed to varying degrees.

            I have never played a racing game where analogue triggers are in any way necessary. If you want to slow down a little, let go of the accelerator for a while. Or tap the brake a little.

            Also shoulder buttons for accelerating are shit. Bring back holding A instead.

    The sticks look a little strange being so close to the edge but I assume Nintendo have done that for comfort reasons.

    did Kotaku post the leaked Wii U Rayman trailer the other week that showed off a bunch of features like interacting with action figures? (it plays after the Ghost Recon ad)

      Wow those graphics look awesome. Good to see companies are making use of the hardware instead of just making/porting a game then scaling down and turning off all the nice features.

    Also this is a pretty awful gif. I saw better ones than this, which unlike this one actually looked like the newly revealed controller.

    Man, the sticks are so close, to the edge, it looks pretty uncomfortable.

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