Way To Kick The Competition While They're Down, EVE Online

EVE Online developer CCP takes a break from running massively multiplayer online games less successful than World of Warcraft to poke fun at those diabolical Diablo III errors. As seen on my desktop.


    "running massively multiplayer online games less successful than World of Warcraft"

    I don't know - you could easily and successfully argue that EVE is a more successful and innovative MMO than WoW. Niche, sure.

    I don't think you'll see Actiblizz allow their players to control the entire MMO, economy, and universe.

      ^This. In the long run EVE will definitely be seen as a much more innovative experience than WoW ever was. WoW was the pop culture experience whereas EVE was where the true innovation was.

        10 years not "long-run" enough for you? Are we talking the end of history when aliens come to our planet and find the powdered remains of our civilisation?

      EVE has more advanced player integration system whilst WoW is clearly the more popular one. I guess it just depends on how you measure success. As both games are run by corporations (which tend to judge things entirely on momentary value) I’m guessing from their point of view WoW would be the bigger success.
      I played WoW for maybe 2 years while I’ve subscribed to EVE for around 3 or 4. I guess from my point of view EVE is the bigger success. It all depends on where you stand.

    don't you mean as seen here. http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/tq284/meanwhile_on_eveonlines_login_screen/

      reddit isnt the beginning of everything.
      that message came up when everyone tried loging into eve. so 'as seen on my desktop' is probably apt.

        You are correct, unfortunately I realised my stupidity just after I hit the submit button, I think I'll watch my comments more closely from now on to avoid more gaffs like this one.

    I actually thoroughly enjoyed this screenshot, made me chuckle.

    Now to guess your password...

    one reddit comment made me almost pee my pants... because it is so true...

    "I played EVE for a few months. Then I realized that 6 years had passed."

    I think this is actually quite funny. CCP has a great sense of humour - besides, it's not like EVE is competition for Diablo 3 anyway. I play both, and I lol'd.

    You are playing EVE, even when you are not playing EVE.

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