We Know What Epic’s Exclusive PC Game Won’t Be

We Know What Epic’s Exclusive PC Game Won’t Be

Epic’s announcement in early April that it was working on a PC-exclusive title got people talking, even though it wasn’t clear what they were talking about. Epic’s CliffyB has at least struck one potential PC title off the list.

At the conclusion of an interview over at Gizmodo covering CliffyB’s geek origins, I had a tiny bit of free time to ask Cliff about the unnamed PC project, and (given my own retro-loving bias), I had to tie it into his most famous early creation. Was the unnamed project a reboot of Jazz Jackrabbit?

He laughed, and shook his head, before saying that

“Honestly, we don’t have enough bodies to do something like that. But Jazz is near and dear to me.”

I guess I’ll just have to go back to waiting and hoping.


    • “Jazz Jackrabbit: Hare Raising” will be a 2013 first person shooter, with Farmville elements and social quicktime events. Free to play, but microtransactions will unlock elements such as “graphics” and “sound” in the game.

    • It will be a gritty, Brown-Shaded, tale of manly men rabbits fighting a war against the Turtles amidst a decaying city, strewn with chest-high walls, provided by the Cover Goddess herself, between which you must dash with Rabbit-God-like speed to shelter from enemy gunfire.

      Jokes aside, I would hope that there is enough non-FPS energy left in the world that CliffyB would do the series justice.

  • More like waiting and HOPPING, Amirite? (I am not right).

    No chance it will be fort-nite?
    In that case, based on Cliffy’s earlier comments about wanting to do something more like Skyrim, and their tendency to use big releases to show off new engine capabillities, I’m going to predict a cooperative mission-based FPS/RPG hybrid with a procedurally generated world.

  • It’ll be Unreal Tournament.
    I’m interested to see if they wont fuck it up though, they forgot to put the Unreal Tournament in the last game.

  • One Must Fall 2047: 2? Jokes aside, Epic totally should bring Jazz back to the scene. Even as a low budget Steam title would be crazy good.

  • OMF2097 would be awesome, but they could also do a Jill of The Jungle to rival the new Tomb Raider.

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