We Support These Same-Sex Marriages In Video Games

We Support These Same-Sex Marriages In Video Games

Today, President Barack Obama announced his support for gay marriage. At which point the internet at large threw the guy so many high-fives Vishnu himself would’ve probably been a bit overwhelmed.

And yeah, maybe it was kinda bullshitty and way overdue and certainly politically calculated, but still. It’s nice that he said it.

Of course, video games were there way ahead of Obama, and you don’t see video games running for president, do you? (Though in all seriousness, I’d totally vote for Fallout 2.)

Though in truth, only some video games were ahead of the curve. Plenty more have a long ways go. Hmm… almost sounds like a metaphor for the states of the Union or something…

Our own Chris Person put together this video celebrating some of video gaming’s most memorable and heartwarming same-sex marriages. Also, somehow the one from Serious Sam 2 snuck in there.

In all seriousness: Overdue or not, good on you, Barack.


    • That’s funny, I didn’t come here to read conservative Christian propaganda.

      Homosexuals deserve the same damn rights as anybody. God made them that way and damn it if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He loves them the way they are, why can’t you?

      • I wasn’t the one who brought up this subject. I was only replying to the off-topic discussion the author started.

        God loves everyone as do I, he doesn’t however love everyone’s actions and neither do I.

        • You are an awful person James and an idiot. Being gay isn’t anymore of a choice than you liking women.

          We heard similar arguments from people like you when society wanted to segregate society based on the colour of your skin and deny you your rights depending on what it was.
          It was stupid then and its stupid now.

          • “Being gay isn’t a choice”

            Says you.

            Society has just become rapidly liberalised over the last few decades and accepting of what until not long ago was regarded as a mental illness and now we’re going to redefine marriage to appease less than 2% of the male population and less than 1% of the female population.

            What’s next? Being attracted to children isn’t a choice a small minority of people are simply born as pedophiles?

          • ever heard of consenting adults? jesus christ, some people are so thick. Stop using religion as an excuse for being a complete dickhead.

          • It’s amazing how you just tried to compare paedophilia to two consenting adults engaging in a relationship.
            Truly , truly amazing.

            I’m done with this idiot, you can’t reason with people who hate others for no reason. They don’t listen to facts or reason, they believe whatever they want to believe .

            All I can say is James, fuck you. Fuck you from every person you marginalized and made miserable by spouting your religious nonsense. Fuck you from every person you are denying rights to because of your beliefs, which they don’t share. In this day and age, where we are supposed to support equality and human rights, its shocking and awful that people like you exist.

            You actively make the world a worse place to be in and the world would be better off without people like you in it.

          • I wasn’t comparing the act of 2 consenting homosexuals to pedophilia.

            I was comparing the fact that homosexuals and pedophiles have a different sexual attraction to 98% of the population and I don’t believe either are born that way, that doesn’t mean I’m lumping them together.

            As I’ve already said you can continue to believe that I hate homosexuals, but I don’t, the only one who seems to be hating anyone around here is you.

          • being Gay is not a choice this is back up by the scientific community (oh and to mental illness thing It was added to AMA’s listed only because of political pressures ). Attraction to prepubescent children iirc is also not a choice, but as others have said the to aren’t comparable because of the whole CONSENTING ADULTS thing.

    • Its a sin in the eyes of your religion.
      Good for you, the rest of us want to treat other human beings with respect and give them the same rights we do.
      Out of curiosity do you also stone children who backtalk to their parents? Do you stone women for committing adultery? No?
      Then you can’t take issue with homosexuality you hypocritical idiot. You don’t get to cherry pick what you want to believe in your Bible and unless you follow every inane rule in that thing, then you certainly can’t state nonsense like you’ve just spouted as if its still legitimate.

      • It’s a sin in the eyes of God. True Christianity isn’t a religion.

        God loves everyone as do I, that doesn’t mean however he loves everyone’s actions and neither do I.

        They already have the freedom to do what they like, no one’s going to stop them, that’s their choice, all this is about is redefining the word marriage to mean something it has never meant.

        No I don’t stone anyone, you obviously havn’t read the new testament.

        • Marriage isn’t defined under Christianity. It never has been and it never will be.
          Stop using your religion to deny people their happiness you bigoted piece of trash. You say they have the right to do whatever they like, but thats not true.
          You are denying them rights , you are denying them their right to marry someone they love because of your religious views, which many people do not share.

          How many celebrities do you see divorcing rich people for their money or treating it as some publicity stunt. How is giving homosexuals marriage rights ruining marriage and thats not?

          But this will never get through to you, your just using whatever you want as an excuse to justify your atrocious behaviour and attitudes towards gay people, because the simple fact of the matter is you don’t like them. Your actions will never be justified and your words will never have any truth behind them.

          • That bit about celebrities is so true!
            How can two people who truly love each other (but they have the same genitals) damage marriage more than some jerks getting married so that their name is in the media, only to break it off after a week?

          • They can already have a union with someone of the same sex, it’s simply about redefining the word marriage.

            “How many celebrities do you see divorcing rich people for their money or treating it as some publicity stunt”

            I think that’s awful.

            I don’t hate homosexuals. I just don’t agree with their lifestyle choice or with the idea of redefining marriage.

            I think it’s a mental illness and we should look at providing mental healthcare for these people. You’ll find that a significant number of homosexuals have been sexually abused as children.

          • No they haven’t been abused
            Please stop spouting nonsense. Especially when its not based on facts or reality.
            Homosexuality is part of nature, its a long researched and documented thing.
            Did you know people used the same arguments you did when arguing why black people shouldn’t have rights? Did you know they used the same arguments when women wanted rights?

            All these things were wrong under the eyes of god apparently. Yet here we are , all perfectly fine. When homosexual marriage becomes the norm, I’m sure guys like you will find yet another target for your hate and oppress them as well

    • Just so you know.. marriage was created by and defined by humans, as a social construct that allowed family patriarchs to facilitate the transfer of chattel property of livestock and daughters through lawful contracts.

    • wow there are so many things wrong with this rant it’s not funny. If your argument contains any of the following words: God, Jesus, Bible, Sin, and stupid words like “unrighteousness”, then your argument is stripped and becomes null and void.

      If you want to have a healthy debate without the religious *citations, then let it commence.

    • Last time I checked, the world religion wasn’t Christianity.

      Indeed, many religions reject the premise of homosexual acts, but most of us live in countries that are not tied to a religious belief.

      You define marriage as a union that was created by God.

      Life under the church as a married couple should demonstrate love, concern and commitment to both partners.

      By my understanding of what you’re saying, gay and lesbian couples who are in a relationship cannot love or have concern for one another, as they are not committed to each other.

      Marriage, whether it is in or out of the church, is seen as the start of family life. I can bet you there are thousands of gay and lesbian couples who would love to start a family, and raise kids that would not be any different from any other kid in the world. I also bet you that they could raise kids a hell of a lot better than some parents are doing right now. Do they have to do it under the branch of religion? No.

      So then why do you care about the relationship other couples share with one another.

      Simply put, if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person.

  • So yeah, I think it’s pretty fuckin’ awesome that Obama came out (doh ho ho!) in favour of gay marriage. That guy is a bro. Maybe soon we can finally get past all the gay stigma and find something else to discriminate unnecessarily.

    As for VIDEO GAMES, in my current Sims Triple game, I have David Letterman living with three related ghosts (to each other, not to him). There’s the mother, the son and the wife. They all hate each other, partially because they spend the whole time scaring each other, and that’s always a negative interaction. But, they all want to do romantic things with David! Pretty much every Sims 3 game I play has someone homocrushin’ it up, without any interference from me.

    But that’s pretty cool too. Sims 3 treats homosexuality like a completely normal thing, to the point that it doesn’t make a point of it at all. That’s what the world should be like.

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