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Super Potato. I've been to the Akihabara branch a whole lot, and I've been to the Osaka branches of this gaming retail chain even more. I've seen lots of Super Potato photos, and I've taken plenty more.

Yet, I've always liked the photos Danny Choo of Culture Japan takes (they're usually quite nice), and this batch of Super Potato pics are no exception. Thus, here you go, more Super Potato pics.

Have a look at some of the retro games and game hardware the Akihabara store houses.

Japanese Retro Games [DannyChoo]

Top photo: Danny Choo


    Oh, that. Is. Beautiful!

    I just looked over at my wallet and it was crying.

    This place looks unbelievable, i would kill to go there.

    There prices are fine consoles $30-$65 and games $5-$20 a real bargin are those PC engine cards at only 5 bucks a pop.

    I stopped into the Osaka branch of this place on my recent holiday, it was a real blast from the past!

    I love they way they just stack those consoles. Like the bricks they are.

    I'm going to Japan in two days. This article is going to ruin my budget!

    " I’ve been to [ Akihabara] branch a whole lot...."

    It shows. It always definitely shows.

    Makes me want to break out the Saturn for some Panzer Dragoon...oh to have business like this

    I've been to the Akihabara one a few times, its neat but they charge quite a bit for some of the older stuff (didn't stop me from buying them tho) also they have a 1:1 scale Naked Snake model on the top floor where they house the retro arcade machines.

    Oh my, I need to replace my pillow due to the tears, and my underwear due to, well...

    Let's just say my money is not going to remain mine for long.

    Had the pleasure of going there - so very awesome!

    That is glorious.

    Oh man I have the wierdest boner right now.

    Nothing perverted.
    Well done, Ashcraft.
    On a side note, I'm going to Japan to rob that place, I NEED EVERYTHING IN THAT STORE

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