Well, At Least GlaDOS Won't Drink A Jar Of Piss

We of course have a ton of inspiring video game cosplay to get through this morning in our weekly roundup. But before we begin, in case you were wondering what the redhead above was doing, well. She's Firefox.

You know. Browser cosplay.

Most others this week, you'll spot straight off the bat, including a wonderful Left 4 Dead 2 action shot, Cloud Strife made real and some rather moody Assassin's Creed Revelations cosplay.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

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    I don't get it!? I must be stupid. What's the piss reference? Do all the other characters drink piss?

      the sniper in TF2 can equip an item which is essentially his own piss. called jarate.

    "Well, At Least GlaDOS Won’t Drink A Jar Of Piss" I'm sorry but what? Why not just call it something a little more simple and less god damn confusing.. Send Luke back to journalism school..

    Google Jarate..... and play some TF2....

      aha. I haven't played TF2 for a long long time. Out of the loop. The title of the article is still "piss-weak".

        Yes. I understand there is Jarate in TF2. but does the sniper ever drink it? NO DIPSHIT.

    I'm calling out Luke... Like seriously he's starting to turn the pages of Kotaku into his own personal place to just dump shit stories with 'Wtf' titles on them.. I'm over his shit and it's degrading the quality of Kotaku down to pre-schooler levels of writing. There are maybe 2-3 writers that actually do anything, Luke isn't one of these.

      Don't like it, don't read it.

        I highly doubt 90% of the regular readers of Kotaku over the past few years appreciate some retarded writer coming on and posting 'stories' with vulgar and ludacrus titles. What happened to the game reviews, and posts like this that were actually informative and formatted properly. I say sack 80% of whatever current writers you have and rehire the old ones! I'm going to be taking my reading to Joystiq where actual journalism is done.

          Make sure you take your pissing and moaning with you, Lord knows there's enough it here already.

            Someone's having their period. Btw I don't believe in God, only the god Odin who rid the Earth of the frost giants.

              Don't go Cheesus! I like you!

                I like you too That Teemo! Lets get together and throw a party.

            No, don't actually rebut his criticisms, just call him a whiner and leave it at the ad hominems.

    I would make a joke referencing the fact that GLaDOS' and the Sniper's voice actors are married, but I respect them too much to do so. Yay, Ellen McLain!

      I don't understand why he would do that in the first place, the toilet is designed for such a function.

    Seriously though. Plunkett could write the greatest video game article of all time and he'd still get paid out. It's just cool to hate everything he does now - totally forgetting there's some quality cosplay of video game characters here.

    I don't mind seeing articles like these. What do you want him to do - write an in depth social commentary on cosplay in modern society? Lighten the fuck up, seriously.


      I have nothing against cosplay and seeing the awesome stuff they come up with, but a while ago they were formatted correctly, didn't have vulgar titles and were actually somewhat informative.

        It says 'piss' in the title. Seriously. Are you honestly, truly offended by that, or just whining about it because you can? If that's all it takes to upset you, you're in for a tough time on the internet, friend.

          I'm not your 'friend'. I'm not offended by it at all, merely stating that it's a vulgar thing to have as the title of an article. If it was behind the title and hidden in the writing then I wouldn't give a shit but seriously the title of this particular story needs to be changed to a) fit the story and b) be less offensive.

            You said 'shit'.

              I didn't put it in the title of a news article. Trying to contradict my argument won't work if I haven't contradicted my own comment. People don't have to read comments, they do have to read the title.

                So, you're offended by the title's potential to offend others?

                  I'm concerned that the title is detrimental to Kotaku's image. Your question also doesn't follow any known logic so I can't answer it further.

    Not just piss but the drinking of it. Which even to us in Australia elevates it to vulgarity

      I would have thought the popularity of Bear Grylls was an indication of people's indifference towards the idea of imbibing urine...

    I liked this article. If you don't like this article, or any others, it's very easy not to read it. Pure and simple. Try not to cause trouble. Don't bitch and moan about the problem, talk to the editor, let him know your problems. Some of us are interested in stuff thats posted here, if you don't like it please don't complain about it, just don't read it.

      Then don't read the comments.

        Where's the fun in that?

          The comments are where all the fun happens. Haven't you heard?

          Plus I wouldn't even bother emailing the editor when it is clear that these crappy formatted posts will continue. Unless Mark whom I'm assuming is the editor removes Luke from Kotaku Australia these things will keep happening.

      Good suggestion, lets all stop reading the titles of all the articles...no problem with that plan...
      You don't seem to grasp that it isn't the article as much as the title here that's the problem (along with Luke Plunkett's wonderful ability to make any article vulgar and immature - and if he can't find a way, he throws on an immature title that's unrelated to the article).

      Sure I can avoid reading most of his crap articles but reading titles on the front page can't really be avoided unless you want to miss the decent articles.

        You sir win one internets.

        It's not hard to scroll past. Honestly.

          It's amazing how much you missed the point...If people just scroll past the titles on the front page as you say then they will never know what any of the articles are about (therefore never know which are worth reading).
          The point of having titles on the front page is so people can decide if they want to read that article or not. Luke Plunkett seems to have decided otherwise and uses his article titles for irrelevant, crap, leaving us with no way of knowing what the article is actually about (other then a good chance that it's pointless when the title is about drinking piss - certainly no hint about Cosplay).

    I shall now affix #BRINGBACKJOURNALISM to any posts done by Luke Plunkett until he is never seen here again, anybody with the same ideals as myself should affix this hashtag as well.

      I thought you said you were off to Joystiq?
      Instead you're just going to hang around and complain? Nice.

        Oh your back, must've taken you a while to get that tampon in.

          Wow Cheesus, I actually agree with you. Too bad the period jokes make you sound like a .





    The article is acceptably okay, it's just that the headline is terribly irrelevant and it doesn't make any sense.

    Game sluts are nothing new. You could have found some hot ones.

    Lol, Glados cosplayer has Aperture LaboratoriE logo all over her chest. Does she even know how to spell it right? Obviously she hasn't run a game even once, what a spit in the face of all Portal fans.

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