Well, I’d Say This Stupid Error Message About Sums It Up, Diablo III-Wise

Hey, I know that server errors are to be expected when an online game launches. That doesn’t make it any less annoying that I’ve been trying (quite diligently!) to log in to Diablo III for the last half-hour to no avail.

Most every time I enter my password, I get the above error message. Sometimes, it starts trying to load my heroes, only to time out. One glorious time, I actually got to the character screen. Oh, it was so sweet! I named my Monk (yes, you guys convinced me), but then… it timed out. Such sweet disappointment!

(The repeating, epic music isn’t helping, Diablo III. It only makes my repeated failures to get the game to load seem more tragic and eventually, hilarious.)

I’m sure I’ll get in soon. Actually, I’m not sure! But I’m sure I’ll get in… this week. And hey! At least I’m on the west coast, so it’s only 12:30 AM.

If it was 3:30 AM for me right now… and the Red Bull was starting to wear off… things would probably start getting ugly.

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