Well, I’d Say This Stupid Error Message About Sums It Up, Diablo III-Wise

Well, I’d Say This Stupid Error Message About Sums It Up, Diablo III-Wise

Hey, I know that server errors are to be expected when an online game launches. That doesn’t make it any less annoying that I’ve been trying (quite diligently!) to log in to Diablo III for the last half-hour to no avail.

Most every time I enter my password, I get the above error message. Sometimes, it starts trying to load my heroes, only to time out. One glorious time, I actually got to the character screen. Oh, it was so sweet! I named my Monk (yes, you guys convinced me), but then… it timed out. Such sweet disappointment!

(The repeating, epic music isn’t helping, Diablo III. It only makes my repeated failures to get the game to load seem more tragic and eventually, hilarious.)

I’m sure I’ll get in soon. Actually, I’m not sure! But I’m sure I’ll get in… this week. And hey! At least I’m on the west coast, so it’s only 12:30 AM.

If it was 3:30 AM for me right now… and the Red Bull was starting to wear off… things would probably start getting ugly.



      • See, this kind of fucking retarded DRM just makes me WANT to pirate the game, because i dont want them to think i am supporting their stupid, STUPID clusterfuck of a system.

    • Because it is a big deal! The biggest deal this year quite possibly, barring perhaps Guild Wars 2.

      • Not Trolling, generally am curious as to what makes diablo 3 such a big deal that it requires so much attention.

        • Think along the lines of if (dare I say it?) Half-Life 3 were to be released.
          It’s pretty big.

          • Hahah sucked in, those with complacent attitudes towards always on drm deserve this.

          • Now that would be the biggest deal of the year. Diablo 3, however, has been mired with controversy over little things, like art style, and big things, such as the inclusion of a marketplace and always-on DRM, since info started rolling out. It may have been a big deal when it was first announced, but I would say with Torchlight 2 and Grim Dawn drawing close to release, Diablo 3 just isn’t the heavy hitter it was or could have been.

        • The same reason sports fans go nuts over a finals?
          The same reason movie goers go insane over Avengers or Harry potter movie coming out?

          To most people D3 is like one of those once in a lifetime events when it comes to games and while you may not appreciate it the same was other gamers a lot of people do.

          • Its a lifetime event that is going to last for the next few years though

          • Movies go to DVD/VHS and you can normally DL them online…

            That doesn’t diminish the impact of the movie experience does it?

          • You’ve never anticipated a joyous event? Never looked forward to something to much that you’d prefer to enjoy it sooner rather than later? Your amount of posts say troll, no one else would be so diligent.

  • I’ll be playing next week. Maybe later. I’d rather skip the whole server-error part of the launch.

  • About sums it up down here too. Someone recommended trying the Asian servers and it insisted I didn’t have Diablo 3 tied to my account which is a total falsehood, but at least it was a different error message to look at I guess.

  • I can’t believe i was able to get in! Once you get past that error you get a new error at the character creation screen…after trying and trying again you finally get into the game. Unfortunately it doesnt stop at error 37…

  • Wasn’t this the issue we all warned them about in regards to making the Single player component require online as well. Way to go Blizz, you ruined your launch with such a stupid issue that could have been avoided

  • This pain brought to you by DRM HELL. All I want to do was play a singleplayer game offline but i guess thats to much to ask.

  • Hmmm, didn’t this kind of thing happen during beta? long queues, you would that would have learnt from that.

      • Dude, this kinda shit happened during WOW’s first freakin six months. You’d think they’d have learnt from THAT.

        • They probably fully expected the servers to be overloaded. They design their infrastructure to handle their average usage plus a little extra. They aren’t going to put together a system that can handle 20 million simultaneous users, because the one and ONLY time that’ll happen is at launch.

  • I’m sorry to hit you all in the face with a bit of reality, but every online blizzard game that has ever been releases has always had launch problems with unprecedented levels of stress being applied to the servers.

    How on earth did you think that this wouldn’t happen? Take a chill pill, watch a movie and try again later. Jeeze.

    • It’s a single player game. That they paid for. They’re allowed to be annoyed when it doesn’t do the thing that they bought it to do.

      • Except all these people know full well that you were having an online always DRM =P

        You know.. the same DRM people practically crucified Ubisoft on when they tried it on some single player games that went kaput when.. surprise surprise the online server went down.

        The same online DRM that was marketed as “enhancing player experience” and was cheered by the Blizz die hards as a “good decision” and any person who said otherwise was stupid…. yes that DRM =P

        I’m sorry but you can’t complain now months later when you know full well whats coming!

        • Of course they can complain. They still paid for this thing, whatever Ubisoft is doing is extraneous . You’re just being smug.

          • Of course I’m being smug =P

            And so are a lot of ppl who were bitching about the DRM who got practically got told “you’re being an idiot! Everything will be fine!” by the rest of the game populace

            There’s a bit of satisfaction being on the side that goes “I told you so!” xD

          • Fair enough. But if I bought Diablo I’d be really fed up by all this server stuff.

        • What about those of us complaining about this from the start?
          Can we still complain?
          Because I have been storing up a whole truckload of “I told you so’s” for people. 😛

  • I remember the days to play a game it did not require access to the internet until you told it “Hey I want to play against someone else” and you would then connect. Ahhh those were the days.

  • Hero cannot be created due to party state.

    Finally hit the character creation screen, and it seems to have become frozen of sorts. No input options available. Back to error 37 for me! I may not pass Go, I may not collect $200.

  • I’m still installing might just wait till tomorrow to jump in. Good Luck to everyone trying to log in!

  • But I distinctly remember someone telling me on this site that they would have tested the servers and that there is no possible way that they would meltdown under the stress! And because of that I shouldn’t be getting upset about needing an always-on connection to play a single player game……..yeah about that….

  • False sense of entitlement is rife here. This isn’t aimed at the Author, I found the article very amusing and similar to what I’m experiencing… the eagerness to play something on this level of awesome. You have a company that brings you epic game, after epic game. Run them more professionally than any competing company. And make it possible for us the enjoy gaming at it’s best.

    And people reply with the attitude “I want what I paid for waaahh wahh, how dare you inconvenience me whinge…. whinge…….


    Nobody cares about your opinion… People don’t listen to whiney, self absorbed brats that demand everything happen at once, immediately, as though you’re impeding their rights in some way.

    It’s these people that then play the game for years and years and never stop bitching and whinging , yet for some reason… they still play.

    Please for the good of the Human race collectively, stfu go watch some Koby 2012 documentaries and fight Ugandan slavery by posting pictures of random African children. I will patiently wait until the servers are online, then enjoy the game for what it is.


    • I guess the next time you buy a car and it breaks down after it leaves the dealership or if the phone you bought doesnt work once you brought it home, well thats ok because according to you paying for something doesnt entitle you to using its advertised features once you’ve bought them right? Dont be ridiculous. These people didnt buy the game and preorder it to bring it home only to have to wait again because of this problem. They bought the game because of the promise to play this much anticipated game once they received it.. This problem stops the consumer from accessing what they paid for. So they DO have a right to voice their unhappiness to the situation.

      Consumers have rights, they shouldnt just bend over and take it up the a$$ just because its a hyped and anticipated game from a famous developer. Its supposed to be a great game by a great developer but lets face it if this is wide spread this a major problem that Blizzard needs to address asap.

        • Hay man I’d just like to point out that if your are that interested in seeing the human race demonstrate humility and goodwill to others then you should start with your own posts.

        • Wow is this what people pass off as argument these days? Ok so your a fella that doesn’t mind to be f**ked around when you buy things? Ok good for you. However don’t expect everyone else to do what you do. Who do you think you are telling people to shut up about legitimate complaints?

          Another reason why its important to have people voice problems is so that the problem can be brought to Blizzards attention so they can fix the problem. If no one voiced their issues how the hell can Blizzard fix the problem or look into it? If it was a one off problem then obviously its not a big concern for Blizzard, however if there is alot of people on forums such as this claiming to have the same issue then Blizzard can see there is a real problem and try to fix it.

          BTW for your information i haven’t bought diablo 3 or any diablo game for that matter so it doesnt really bother me this problem, i’m not one of the people thats complaining so lets make that clear. However, when someone is telling people to shut up regarding this issue because he says so well i had to put my 2 cents in. Oh and get over yourself. Sure Blizzard deserve much respect for their games, however like every other company out there, are not immune to scrutiny.

    • Oh look a troll…
      Oh I can’t resist feeding it…
      “False sense of entitlement is rife here” – So your argument is that people are not entitled to things they have spent money on, that there is no guarantee that an item you purchase shall work as advertised… I think there are some consumer groups and even some laws that disagree with you.

      Now when people were up in arm because they didn’t like the ending of ME3 I used terms like “False sense of entitlement” to describe them, but in that case the game worked as advertised, they just didn’t like the end.

      In this case there are a reasonable number of people who cannot play the game, not because the servers are not online… but because they are busy this is a justified sense of entitlement…

  • Got mine sent through the mail. Guess it’s a good thing no one was home to open the door today as I would be having issues getting on anyway.

  • What’s that? Pirates will be able to play a single-player game without being online? As in people who didn’t pay for it will be able to play it the way it was intended?

    • I’d argue that playing the game offline was not Blizzard’s intention…

      Never been interested in Diablo personally. Played the first one, wasn’t impressed by it at all, haven’t touched it since. Starcraft remains the only Blizzard franchise I like…unless you count The Lost Vikings.

      • Blizzard want their Real Money Auction House, and that can’t work if people can cheat, so to stop cheating characters are stored on the server.
        The obvious solution for Blizzard would be to give the player the option to have a offline character that could only be used in single player (adding LAN play would be cool though), but I doubt that’ll happen… I expect I will look at using whatever solution the pirats find so I can play the single player game I purchased

  • been installing for about an hour and 40 minutes now, it’s only 55%… and when it finally finnishes by the looks of this, i likely can’t play till next month or something anyway.. awesome… thanks blizzard..

  • Have fun with Diablo 3 when you get it working guys. I mean it, I hope you all have a great time playing. It looks great.

    I will be over here playing Skyrim and Titan Quest. Oh and I am really looking forward to Torchlight when it comes out. Hell, I might even play it off line. Because you can do that you know. Steam has that function. YOU HEAR THAT BLIZZ. STEAM HAS AN OFF LINE FUNCTION.

    Who would have thought. Playing a single player game off line.

      • My steam is perenially in offline mode unless I want to update or download something. While annoying it’s work-aroundable. A game having always-on DRM, on the other hand… not so much unless you pirate it.

        Also, it seems like a good time for the invariable plug for torchlight 2 and/or path of exile.

      • That’s debatable if the games aren’t integrated into steam the .exe file will often work without steam even being open.

        Skyrim had that for the first couple of days then a patch removed it.

        • A good example of this is Skyrim – even though its about as integrated into Steam as you could imagine a game being, it will run without Steam being open.

  • Well, I hope there are pirates out there somewhere enjoying it. Even if none of us legitimate customers can.

  • Weird, I didn’t get that error, just #3006. Took me about 5 goes the first time, then when I logged on at about 10.00 WA time I got on no problem.

  • People can hate me for my lack of sympathy all they want, but I’m not the one paying Blizzard for something we all knew wasn’t going to work well.

  • This is a massive fail…why no queue system…you know, the same one that’s been utilised in the WOW interface since forever! WTF?

  • I’ve been complaining since Starcraft II.. and even before that.. heck I got a refund on my “From Dust” pre-order because of this rubbish..

    Yes.. a majority of us are indeed “always online” but that shouldn’t mean our “single player” games that we bought should be literally trashed because of some silly online DRM.. and that’s all it is.. DRM.. If you wanted to have on-CD DRM and a separate DRM for multiplayer.. that can be done.. it has been done in the past.. but Blizard are too controlling.. too corporate.. too anal.

    Yes.. I know.. SecureROM is far from secure.. but you’re NEVER going to stop the pirates.. they will just create a patch or application that makes it look like you’ve connected to the servers so you can play Single player.. and then, at some point, someone is going to create a LAN mod for this and then it will be game over for Blizzard.

    Another nail in the coffin for Diablo.. another cup of koolaid for Torchlight II.

    • Oh yes.. I didn’t buy the game.. I was tempted.. more than a few times.. but I just kept reminding myself of who and what Blizzard are.. and that set my course straight once again, albeit with a sad feeling that I wouldn’t be playing this game… but then I make myself happy by remembering that TL2 is just around the corner.

    • Oh and one more thing.. I am starting to realise, don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, that it has NOTHING to do with anti-piracy and more to do with shareholders seeing how many people are actively playing the games. They know they can’t stop piracy.. but if they can force people to be online to play, then they can gather data and analyse it for their shareholders etc

      • I think neither your argument nor your points are as valid as you have obviously convinced yourself they are. Diablo III will be (and is) wildly successful, launches are always a bit screwy for blizzard games but after that they have a history of running successfully. No one misses your purchase.

        Also, DRM is in for the RMAH, not that hard to work out since a microtransaction model has steadily proven to be superior for profits over a monthly subscription.

  • I got in at about 6.40. Once I was in I had no troubles at all – until around 9 when it started to lag despite only playing single player. I’m sure this sort of thing will get better as the game is patched.

  • Got on servers at 6:45 after installing from 6pm, install finished at 6:40, played game till 20 past midnight and had no issues, bunch of whiners the rest of you.

  • Got home 6:30ish, spent ~15 minutes trying to fix the issue where it gets stuck at launching (fixed by moving the Updates folder out of the D3 directory and forcing it to get it again), and from then til about 1am (help me….) the game ran perfectly

    Conversely, my brother got home around 5:30ish and I’m not sure he even got to play last night, harsh

  • The main question / issue I have with their DRM lockdown, what happens in 5-10 years time when they shutdown the servers. Many of us have often gone back and installed old classics to play them over and over many years later.

    Just recently I went back and did a Diablo and Diablo 2 run, but with no ability to play offline I wont be able to do this with Diablo 3 later on.

    Overall once I got in past the login issues, I did enjoy the experience the biggest letdown for me so far (about 3 hours in) is all the talk leading upto release of monsters climbing walls (as seenin videos) large creatures you cannot reach but gives you this sense of doom. All I keep getting is a room of monsters pre placed with generic AI.

    It looks nice, well animated, lack of customisation on skills and stats is a little offputting but minor.

    Why couldnt they just make a “offline” character button, that stops the use of the AH, playing with online players maybe even limit achievements. This way people can have their cake and eat it too.

  • Worked okay for me. Got home around 5ish , started the install while I got changed and got some food. Came back at around 20 to 6, and launched it.got an error 37 the first time, alt tabbed out and did some general internetty things for 5 minutes and tried again, got in just fine, and played the rest of the night. I think I can forgive blizzard for having a screwy launch given how well they treated the people who preordered (and got screwed by) GAME (I’m not one of the people by the way). The always on drm is not something I’m a fan of, but that’s just the way it is.

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