We've Waited A Terribly Long Time For Fieldrunners 2

One of the most popular tower defence games of all time, Fieldrunners has been charming and challenging players on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, the PSP, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DSi since 2008. Subatomic Studios is finally ready to release a sequel, giving fans only a month to get their affairs in order.

Featuring news weapons, more than 20 hand-painted-levels and hordes of new enemies to defend against, Fieldrunners 2 is due out for the iPhone at the end of June, with an iPad version following after. And once that's out of the way? If the success of the first game is any indication, it'll be everywhere. You might even be able to run Fieldrunners 2 on your internal organs, though it might require jail breaking.

The standard survival and time trial maps are joined by puzzle and sudden death maps, incorporating more than 30 different enemy types swarming about your defenses like a swarm of hungry, man-eating antelope, which probably don't exist.

In short, when this game arrives, I might disappear for a little while. I might be in the bathroom. No, I won't answer the door. It's better for both of us.

Stay tuned to the Fieldrunners 2 website for more information.


    The first one was extremely average and felt like a poor mans desktop td.

    Is that first screen the town streets from monkey island??

    Field Runners was the first tower defense game I played on my iphone, and really enjoyed it. Was addicted for a cpl days, but then grew bored of it pretty quickly. They need to add new elements to the gameplay like other tower defence games have done. I'm enjoying Kingdom Rush atm, where you can build a barracks tower and send out troops.

      I QA'd the android build, so I know what you mean. I mean, I still play the crap out of Crystal Caves on hard for whatever reason ;)

      You're gonna love FR2. There are so many new features in the game. It's... refreshing for Tower D games, I find myself still playing it for fun after working on it for almost a year!

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