What An Aliens Pulse Rifle Looks Like In The Real World

Gearbox, the guys making Aliens Colonial Marines, have been working on the game since, oh, before you were born. In that time, they've racked up a ton of reference material from James Cameron's sci-fi classic, none as badass as this replica pulse rifle from the 1986 movie.

This isn't some toy, some commercial thing made out of plastic. It's metal, it's heavy and it's "functional". Which means, yes, according to Sega it can fire live ammunition (the models used in the films only ever fired blanks).

Gearbox made it for use as a reference aid with development on the game.

It even mimics the weapons used in the films by copying their use of real-world gun parts, including components of Thompson machine guns.

It goes without saying I would like one very much.

Real-World Pulse Rifle [Sega]


    So why did the one in the gameplay demo have iron sights? The Aliens fan in me shuddered that day :(

      Because AVP was a garbage game and GEARBOX prolly will fuck this one up. BTW the extended grenade launcher is longer than the barrel because the live fire movie prop had 10 vent holes (extended rifle barrel) as opposed to 8 on the actual seen common replicas.

    The iron sights have been indicated as a customisable element, possibly with multiple versions. So if you don't like them, don't add them.

    As for the article, what's with the distinction between 'live ammunition' and 'blanks'? Of course the ones used in the film only fired blanks, otherwise the stunt guys in the alien suits would have been shot. It doesn't mean they couldn't fire live ammunition though.

      Some blank fire guns are deliberately created to never be able to fire real ammunition. Commonly they drive a fake "brass" casing containing a cap against a metal pin placed where the barrel throat would normally be. This allows the gun to cycle as per a normal gun but obviously a live round is never able to be inserted let alone fired (no conventional firing pin). The shell is ejected as per normal giving the impression of a real cycling firearm. Parts for this type of blank fire gun are usually die-cast and not machined steel and would not cope with the high pressures of a real round being fired.

        Which is great, except that the pulse rifles were made by cobbling together two commercial available guns in a specially made casing. They could fire live rounds.

      Which Aliens used strobe light prop guns instead of blanks?

    Bring on Prometheus. I couldn't be more excited about a flick.

    But is the SOUND right? I mean, I loved the movie pulse rifles, but the sound was half the game!

    Sadly, this being Australia, it will never matter. ;)

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