What Arcades Looked Like Before Video Games

The word "arcade" is these days synonymous with video games, but it wasn't always that way.

In 1968, there was no such thing as a consumer video game. So arcades had to make do the old-fashioned way. With pinball machines, novelty amusement machines and lightgun games. There was even room for a fortune teller.

These amazing photos were taken in 1968 at Kansas City's Wonderland Arcade, and show what such a place looked like not only before video games, but before video games made everyone turn out the damn lights.

Also, $US0.35 cheeseburgers? Yes please.

Wonderland Arcade, Kansas City, MO - 1968 [imgur, via Arcade Heroes]


    Cheeseburgers are actually 0.40c if you read the sign correctly

      40 plus tax if were gonna start nit-picking.
      Hell I remember Macca's cheeseburgers for 50 cents when I was a kid at normal price then again at 50 cents on special about 20 years ago.

        the one's 20 years ago were junior burgers ;) well, they were in adelaide.

    Fresh hat anyone? Get your fresh hats here!
    Sweaty after all that shooting gallery fun? Why not get yourself a fresh hat?!

    Those are some pretty neat photos. The architecture on the exterior reminds me a little of Flynn's Arcade.

      I think that's just because it's on a corner like Flynn's..

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