What Are You Cooking?

Sometimes we do things that aren’t video games. Like eat food, moonwalk, go to Woolworths in our underwear (just me? I’ll leave quietly). I thought it might be cool to have a place to discuss such endeavours. Today I want to know if any of you guys can cook? Any awesome recipes? Any specialties?

In the last couple of years I've started enjoying the act of cooking, maybe a little bit too much. I make a mean Bolognese, and I basically enjoy cooking anything that has meat in it. I make a pretty good Laksa from scratch as well, and really enjoy making my own curry paste.

Oh, and omelettes. I'm obsessed with making omelettes with fetta cheese and salami.

What about you guys? Can any of you cook?


    Can't cook, well versed in the horrors of microwave meals though. That totally counts, right? :P

    I love cooking. Make a lot of stuff. Ribs, roast dinner, satay chicken, pasta, salads, cakes. Anything really. Nothing better than making something others really enjoy. But gimme some bacon and I'll whip up deliciousness.

      But you have tried making bacon?

      It's totally possible to do at home.

        This is next on my list of things to perfect. I'm so tired of the bland bacon you get from the supermarket.

    I made cannoli the other day and i made these Sicilian S biscotti biscuits a few days ago. I also make a mean crumbed steak.

    I know a half dozen meals, and I know them well. Everything outside of that domain, I am subpar.

    Man, I'm on a mean omelette spree at the moment.

    I'm the cook in my house, unfortunately my sweet lady doesn't/can't cook. Plus I'm a weak armed vegetarian so it's just easier for me to cook.

      Weak armed vegetarian hi-5! *arms only lift 10 cm* Eh, that'll have to do...

      I've been weighing up the vegetarian thing lately, the idea of giving away so many awesome tastes and flavours is unappealing, though.

      Are there any vegetarian dishes you think rivals the best meat has to offer? (That's a real question, I'm interested. :P)

        I've been making sure we have at least one meat-free dish for dinner each week to cut back on food costs, and some of the vegetarian dishes have been more enjoyable than meaty ones. We had burgers where instead of the meat I used sweet-potato rosti kind of things. Even the kids loved them and they don;t usually like sweet potato.

        Spiced chick-pea and sweet potato rosti tend to be awesome.

        Do the Tuesday Night Vego Challenge! It's a great way to try out vegetarian eating without feeling like you're committing to some sort of cause. Tonight I'm doing ramen noodles in miso soup with pumpkin and green beans.

        Oh, good ideas! The burger in particular sounds all kinds of awesome!

          A lime mayo made the burger even better. You can even buy a lime and chilli aioli in a jar to save yourself the effort of making it.

    Umm, my Mi Goreng game is off tha chain...?

    I'm also good at boiling corn.

    If you're a gamer and you can't cook anything you need to get inspired to get in the kitchen and give it a shot. I find cooking just as enjoyable as gaming. And others like my cooking too. BBQs, roasts, stir frys, pastas. I can cook a fair few things when I set my mind to it.

    I don't know how, but apparently I have the ability to turn your standard stir-fry/pasta/whatever sauce in a jar, into a really good meal. I don't do anything special, but it always comes out pretty damm good.

    I do also enjoy cooking from scratch. Have a few recipes (Usually chicken or pasta based) that are my thing. Not too bad with taking new rcipes and trying them out either.

      That’s a good skill to have! Being able to know when certain foods are cooked just right, when to turn something over, what temperature your own oven should be on – all important. It makes the difference between a bad cook and a good cook, in my opinion. I’m the same way, I made chicken tonight last night just outta a jar, adding some chicken and bacon and it came out freakin’ amazing!

    I love cooking, I don't have the skills for something like Master Chef but I've been cooking for myself for years and I'm still alive.

    Every weekend I usually cook up something to stock the freezer. Spring rolls, vegetable pasties, chicken and vegetable sausage rolls, soups, stir frys, curries, cakes (I always have a steady supply of banana and blueberry loaf in the freezer ready for snacks), I've got a pile of recipes I've just printed out when I've felt like something in particular and searched for it.

    I decided some time ago that I would try and eat less from a 'packet' and focus more on healthier homemade meals, and by having a selection of pre-made meals in the freezer I can just nuke something and maybe boil some rice or noodles to go with it during the week when I have less time to cook.

    My fav is to cook some gnoci, then in a fry pan cook some bacon, snow peas and the add the gnoci with some olive oil and cajin spices. cook untill the gnoci is a little crisp on the outside yum!

    I like making my own pizzas. The dough is fun to throw around (plus it's super easy tomake) and it's a great thing to cook if you've got friends over because everyone can join in.

    I can cook salads (well, make not cook), boiled vegetables, roasted vegetables, soup, stir fry, and PIZZA! That's all really, haven't tried anything else.

    I'm pretty good at cooking. I get obsessed and tend to cook one thing until I get it how I like it best. I recently became obsessed with making proper pretzels so I was making them every few days for a while there. But it was worth it.

      I've never made pretzels. Do you have a recipe to share?

        This is the one that ended up being the closest flavour and texture: http://www.theoktoberfest.com/HTML/pretzel/index.html

        I do find if you leave it to prove and then knock it back instead of just rolling them straight away you get a greater depth of flavour though.

    I’m not gonna lie - I’m an awesome cook, baking especially. I made a chocolate cream pie last night. Words alone cannot describe the amazing chocolatey goodness contained within it’s chocolate ripple biscuit base. Maybe this picture can. http://instagr.am/p/KENIfZidoA/

    It certainly doesn’t do it justice though. Homemade baked goods = most delicious things ever.

      Mouth watering, That looks delicious, nice work. :) Also awesome avatar.

        It was sooo yummmmm! Eating some of the left over chocolate puddingness while it was still warm was the best - and thanks! I like yours too! Now I wanna play Pokemon.

    When I met my wife, she was living on toast and spaghetti. When I showed her that I could make cheese toast the way Sizzler does, the deal was closed for good :)

    That's my best/only thing, though. Otherwise, if it can't be microwaved, oven baked or pan fried straight out of the packet, I don't want no part of it.

      Care to share the toasty cheesy Sizzler bread recipie with us?? :)

        Cut the bread yourself so it's nice and thick, and make sure you use parmesan cheese, but fresh stuff, not the dried stuff from the shelf in the green boxes. Mix it with butter, spread it on your bread and grill.

          You can also pan-fry it butter side down but it's prone to sticking.

          Yeah, this, but I put them back to back in the George Foreman instead, because it presses the cheese down!

            Actually, I butter the bread first and then press the cheese into the butter so it sticks a bit better. Also, I found the parmesan powder tastes more like Sizzler than the flakes (though it's better with nicer parmesan). Just sayin

              But it's hardly sophisticated, and would probably taste better if I could work out how to turn my oven into a grill.

              So listen to Strange, people. She knows her stuff... and knows my stuff better than me :P

                If I had a George Foreman grill I'd probably use that!

                And yeah, the powder stuffs probably does taste closer to Sizzler's, I usually grate the parmesan in a really fine grater so the texture is similar, anyway. I do think mixing the butter and parmesan is key though.

    I'm a pretty mean microwave meal cook. It's hard work y'know, figuring out how long to cook things for when the wattage is different.

    I can't make anything though. I've tried, but I suck! I gave my brothers food poisoning from my fried rice.

    Pesto pasta with chicken, avocado and fetta, with Afghan Garlic bread.

      I have no idea what Afghan Garlic bread is, but it's making me hungry anyway. :D

        It's long and flat bread, you toast it of course and just rip or cut pieces off. Good stuff. It's in coles, woolies etc.

    I've never had complaints. Also, I can make Shapes. I can also make giant versions of them.

    Mark: Omelettes are awesome. Have you considered:
    - Using a splash of cream instead of milk in your premix. Bonus: include a sprinkle of smoked paprika, white pepper, and parsley to really make it taste awesome.
    - Use tiny cubes of haloumi instead of feta (works better with salami than feta)
    - Use a mix of rice bran oil and unsalted butter in the pan. The changed cooking temp ensures a perfect omelette without browning the bottom.

      Oh Zap, is there anything you're not awesome at? I think not.

        You should see me be humble. I knock that right out of the park!

        ...obviously I'm awesome at jokes, though.

      Also, if you're feeling adventurous - small cubes of black pudding as the filling.

    I can practically cook anything but if I have to name my specialty, i guess it would have to be whole lamb on the spit, & Lasagna :)

      Whole lamb on the spit?! When can I come over? :P

    I'm the cook in our house and I really enjoy trying new things (which makes my housemates the guinea pigs haha). Last night I made a seafood paella and the night before that tandoori chicken skewers on garlic spinach and onion with a home-made mango chutney. I also really enjoy making sauces and things (though my tomato sauce attempts have all been fizzers so far), and recently 'invented' a jalapeño mayonnaise (from scratch) which actually worked quite well.

    I usually cook my own meals every night, but I find that most nights I do that it becomes some kind of variation on chicken and rice and a few added vegetables, nothing really special, but filling nonetheless. I need more red meat in my diet...

    When I'm not out on Fridays I usually cook a lemon chicken hot pot, which is all kids of deliciousness. It's become a tradition of sorts. Especially good in the winter months, when you come home late in the evening and you're freezing your ass off, hot pot warms you up so gooooood.

    Just last night I made an Indian chicken curry from scratch, made my own paste and everything! It had coconut, tomato, garlic, ginger, spices - oh the SPICES - and it tasted absolutely rad! A bit like korma but with something extra. It's about the third time I made an indian curry and the first time I was happy with the result!

    My usual repertoire is fried rice, pasta bake with three cheese sauce and two other cheeses thrown on top of it all (so 5 cheese), salads with random homemade dressing (my last success was dried mixed italian herbs with ponzu and a touch of sesame oil), steak, thai panang curry, tom yum soup, homemade chicken noodle soup (the secret is to use wholegrain pasta, and throw in a dash of soy sauce) and I make a pretty good bolognese sauce, and by extension, a pretty good lasagna.

    Cooking is awesome fun

      Aaand if I have to use a jar of sauce ie. Chicken Tonight I end up modifying it in some way to take the 'jar sauce' flavour out of it.

    Since Greenius refused to take one for the team, can anyone else please call in a bomb threat to my work so I can go home? Thank would be great.

    I worked in a restaurant for a while... and whilst my cooking is pretty damn good; it's my deserts that are the stand out.

    Lemon meringue pie is my speciality...

      Lemon meringue pie... /drooooooooooool

      My favourite!!!

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