What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Are you guys sick of hearing me say I'm going to play Trials HD and Fez yet? Well, I'm saying it anyway. This weekend I'll most likely be playing Trials Evolution and Fez! But what will you be playing this weekend?

I haven't had too much time to play both games lately, being overseas and all, so I'm looking forward to actually finishing all the tracks on Trials HD. I'm currently about halfway through the 'Hard' tracks, and I'm 'excited' about trying out the extreme tracks. Honestly, at this point Trials Evolution is tied with Journey for my favourite game of the 2012 thus far. Really enjoying it.

Fez? Well, I hope I get time to explore it more. I've put about three hours into and my enjoyment has come in waves. The initial 'wow' of perspective shifting was replaced with frustration at the confusing map system, which was, in turn, replaced with awe when the structure began to fall into place. I think it may be a game I come back to a bit later, because it's truly deserving of more time.

Anyway — what are you guys playing this weekend?


    Trials Evolution! Gunning for second place on this week's MokoTAYbike-u league track. Finished my best run a split-second behind Sughly last night and I'm determined to take him down.

    I've also put a whole bunch of hours into Mass Effect 3 this week, so there's a good chance I will get to see this "disappointing" ending this weekend. I'm looking forward to being a contrarian and loving it!

    PS: it's Trials Evolution, not Trials HD Mark!!

      I'm not even trying to compete at the moment. you guys can have your fancy times and platinum medals. I'll just have fun suddenly being upside down with no idea how I ended up that way.

        My aim at the moment is to unlock the extreme tracks and then finish one of them so I can even see the platinum times. Might plat some of the early tracks then as I seem halfway competent at them.

    I've been in the mood to play BioShock again for days now. Weighing up whether I'll start this weekend or hold off until closer to BioShock Infinite in October.

      Do it... I just played through it again on hardest setting with no Vita chambers (not actually that hard due to quick save) to get some additional trophies.

      Such an amazing game.

        Also a time thing. I know with certainty after I finish, that I'll want to play BioShock 2 again. It's a predicament. :P

    Definitely some Trials.

    Working my way up to the Extreme tracks and boy do I want to see how badly I fail after the Giant Bomb Supplemental Quick Look.

      You can't possibly be as bad as Brad. That game is just not suited to his method of playing games.

        I don't know about that. He actually unlocked the Extreme tracks. I have yet to reach that lofty peak.

        Admittedly, I have been taking the Jeremy Clarkson approach so far.

          It's not to hard if you snag a few easy medals by doing the tournaments and side games. In the quick look Ryan had to tell him how to bunny hop which I thought essential knowledge to get that far.

    Got to finish Witcher 2 before Diablo 3!

    Finally started playing ME3 and am already seething with rage at some of the forced BS. Also angry that, because I'm not a man slut, a certain npc is not around (and likely dead) despite busting my chops to save them in ME2.

      Forced stuff? Like what?

      Regarding NPCs, I think I've seen everybody everybody from ME2 at least once now. I'm fairly certain that they all get least one mission if you search hard enough.

        Everyone from ME2 has a cameo in ME3 if you kept them alive in the suicide mission, just not necessarily right away. Also, some characters only pop up in sidequests.

        Protip: the "Priority" missions are your story missions. Do all your sidequests first because they have a time limit and may result in the loss of assets or cause you to miss meeting some people if you don't do them before they disappear.

        Cant answer that without writing a spoiler, I was told where to find someone, they weren't there. So I went looking for why and now I'm pissed. The other stuff is probably just me, but it doesn't feel like I'M playing the game. I haven't finished it yet so maybe I'll be all roses by the end of it but word is thats unlikely.

      I know this might sound a little patronising too, but I find a little optimism going into a game goes a long way. If you're not looking for things to hate you'll find there's plenty to like. Man, that WAS patronising. I apologize. :P

    This is the second-last WAYPTW before my answer is just "Diablo 3" for like 6 months.

    Umm, probably Trials and Skyrim.

      I'll be totally to smash things into tiny bloody pieces with you when its out. What class you leaning towards? If I didn't give it away, Barbarian is what I'll be playing.

        I usually lean towards the warrior classes in games like this, so Barbarian it is for me at least at first. I played Paladin then Barbarian in D2, and Warrior in D1.

        I tried to play Amazon and Assassin in D2, but just wasn't feeling it. Assassin seemed fun but I just didn't really get into it.

        I played Barbarian for the beta and spent half an hour with the Monk. I liked the Monk but am really confused about how the skills worked. I was punching everyone but was holding a sword. Felt like a ninja turtle.

        I might give the magic user a go for once in this one.

    I finished Demon's Souls \o/
    But I haven't finished New Game + yet.

    Though I might dive into my pile of shame. Still haven't played either inFamous, despite owning them both. Might be a good popcorn diversion from hardcore demon slaying.

    I'd probably be setting scores on the new SSX DLC, I also have a huge urge to buy naruto generations after seeing how discounted it is I'll see it that pans out I might also play MW3 if some friends log on xbox..

    Maybe Mass Effect 3. Maybe Trials. Maybe I'll hop back into Minecraft. Been itching for something different but I'm not really enjoying Fez and I'm still undecided if I want to pick up Prototype 2.

    Maybe I'll just lie in bed playing Jetpack Joyride on my phone all weekend.

    Some Dark void and maybe I'll try the demos for dirt showdown and ninja gaiden 3.

    Probably more trials... and MORROWIND if time permits!

    Will finish ME3 tonight, then jump back into Skyrim! It's been a while, and I miss it...

    I'll be finishing my building of a Pyramid and Sphinx in Minecraft and clicking like a madman in Path of Exile Beta!

    I just purchased a new drum kit (Pearl e-pro) and will be playing songs with my bro (guitarist). Awesome! I'm trying to convince him for us to cover some classic video game tunes, such as...

    - Guiles theme SF2
    - Megaman X theme
    - Battletoads theme from the first stage (SNES one, forgot the name)

    Otherwise, I've been late to the party playing DQIX. I've been mildly enjoying it but I'm surprised I've racked up 35 hours already!

      Lemme know how you find the heads, when I tried one out they felt too rubbery for me.

    Been giving the Ghost Recon beta a smash, and it's pretty darn rad when the lag isn't ridiculous.

    Also jumped back on wow, for better or worse. Feels like I'm prepping myself for Diablo 3 in some odd way, don't ask.

    Saints Row The Third

    Because it was gifted to me by a lovely person
    *points vaguely out somewhere*

    I honestly don't know, having just finished off ME3 last week, not sure want I want to move onto. Perhaps Rayman Origins as I feel like a platformer at the moment, but that also might change to one of the HD Collections (Jak, Sly or GOW), who knows!

    Or I could get lost within one of the Fallout games, I never finished them and would need to start again. Maybe give Skyrim a chance to crash my PS3 also! lol

    SKYRIM! lots of SKYRIM! seeing how I shall be SKYRIM! deprived for almost month.
    I am not sure how I will survive nearly a month without my SKYRIM!
    *starts getting the shakes*

    Might jump into Twisted Metal, or some Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time.

    Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention and Mortal Kombat on Vita, EVE Online on PC, and be finishing the rest of Game of Thrones season one on BD.

    Gonna be a good weekend!

    my copy of Prototype 2 arrived today from ozgameshop, so that's going to be getting a workout this long weekend. I have been replaying Skate 2 (much better than Skate 3) so will probably have a roll around of that too. And I hate to be obvious, but I'll be playing some Trials Evolution too.. I'm not very good and it drives me nuts, but I keep going back!

    I'm heading back up north for my grandfather's 70th birthday bash. It's going to be a rager.

    I'm totally tripping nostalgia right now so I'll be finishing up Wind Waker, then starting on Star Fox Assault (because i never got to play on GC) followed by Mario Sunshine with the aim of 100% completion.

      You have good taste:)

    Doubt I'll get much screen time this weekend.

    I'm actually looking forward to a board games session tomorrow. There'll be a mix of people, so we're going to play Risk, Trivial Persuit, and (shudders) Monopoly. As well as yahtzee, cards and darts for those not in a bigger game.

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