What Are You Playing This Weekend

Phew. I finally finished all of the tracks on Trials Evolution. And I didn't even need a guide video from FatShady this time! So, I'm sort of torn for gaming this weekend. Should I make the effort and finish Mass Effect 3, or should I try and get all gold medals on Trials. It's like Sophie's Choice!

But what are you guys getting up to this weekend?

I still have Fez to knock over, but that's a tough one to get back into after not touching it for a couple of weeks. I tried yesterday for half an hour and just felt completely lost.

Maybe it is time to deal with Mass Effect 3, get that bad boy off my backlog in time for Max Payne 3...

What are you guys playing next week?


    I've been digging through my pile of shame of late, so for me it'll most likely be stints of Final Fantasy XIII and FEAR 3...possibly some LEGO Harry Potter for a change of pace.

    I say go for ME3. Ignore the Internet and play it on its own merits.

    As for me - I'm the inverse Mark: I have finished ME3 and need to finish all the Trials tracks. Wasted too long trying to gold them and beat friends' scores along the way. So it's Trials for me this weekend.

      Totally agree, the haters have it all wrong. The ending is gutsy and emotional. Personally, I absolutely loved it

    StarHawk, I have Saturday night dedicated to it with mates, beers and a BBQ!

    Serious Sam 3 and continuing me replay of the Witcher 2 on PC

    An AR game called "2 assignments for 2 subjects"

    It augments reality by making a weekend shit. *nods*

    I'm going to finish Halo:ODST again. I've somehow killed an engineer on this playthrough... so I need to redo it for the 'Good Samaritan' achievement.

      I've been looking for other people willing to have more ODST runs. I never really got a chance to play Firefight in that game because my friends are jerks.

    I'll continue playing MGS2 HD. Have only been playing for a week so far and loving every minute of it! (First time I've played it as never owned it on PS2/PC)

    Sniper Elite V2. On a WW2 related note, Company of Heroes 2 just got announced...setting: Eastern Front.

      is sniper any good. the demo didnt impress me that much

    Skyrim, how I missed her. Can't wait to dig in later on tonight :)

    Spending the weekend curled up in a ball waiting for Diablo 3. Occasionally uncurling to have another go at Devil May Cry HD S rankings

    Probably some Starcraft 2.

    Decided to start derping about in Bronze league after a long break. Went in, quit all of my placement matches in the first 10 seconds (two of them were against the same guy, so I had a little chat to him) and then went into Bronze league with the plan to simply make marines and rally them into my opponent's base.

    It was completely ineffective every time that I tried it. Still took my opponents about 20 minutes to consider attacking though.

    Decided to change my strategy after a few tries at that. Went for mass Vikings instead. Turns out that's a rather gas intensive strategy which requires a few bases. I had five or six of them by the 15 minute mark.

    Still didn't work that well.

    Turns out the Protoss guy I played both times while doing this build had the perfect counter to it. Max out on Zealot/Sentry and attack move into my base. Apparently Zealot/Sentry beats Viking. Who knew?

    Going to try something else this weekend. I'm thinking mass Queens and Spine Crawlers.

    If I was being serious, I think I could have comfortably won all of my matches. But I wasn't. So I lost. Horribly.

      ^^ played some 3v3 o n the US servers the other night and I have never experienced as much early pressure in my SC2 history. Lost horribly and lost a lot... :*(

      But anyway, moar SC2 this weekend m(-.-)m

    This weekend is dedicated to Retro Gaming. Setting up my entire garage for old consoles and mame emulation. Also putting on some Retro tunes, and a few 80's movies to add to the theme. Who knows, i may crack alex kidd for the first time.

    warlock master of the arcane great civ inspired game and tropico 4 and counting down till DIABLO 3!!!

    I'll be playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with some friends. (Bought ME3 for the MP only, haven't regretted it) and going to give The Secret World beta a try so I can get a feel for it and decide whether to get it or not.

    I should look at picking up Starhawk, but that will probably wait til I get paid on Tuesday, but we'll see...

    Otherwise, I am getting lost in the world of Rayman Origins, sooooooooooooooo platformy good and looks spectacular!!!!! Provides a decent challenge also!

      Omg that game. You go through and just when you think you're at the end type area, the game spawns a metric fuckton of new levels and you realize you weren't even halfway

        Yeah, based on the collectables I currently have and the place on the map I'm currently upto, the maths simply don't add up, so I am expecting something within the next level or two. (not referring to Land Of The Livid either, which I am aware of.)

    Fallout New Vegas for me!

      I was listening to that soundtrack the other day, nothing like Dean Martin's Ain't That a Kick to the Head while fightin' or Johnny Guitar playing after dark wandering. Good times!

        That was actually used pretty well in the latest Mission Impossible

        Loved the soundtrack to new vegas! Although fallout 3 was even better IMO

          I'm a mighty mighty man I'm young and I'm int prime

    I find myself in a very rare position...I have a free night tomorrow night. My ladyfan is away for the weekend night and I have purposely cleared the decks to accommodate an evening solely dedicated to kicking back and playing some gameage. This hasn't happened in months. Like a broken record, I am still traipsing around Skyrim.Yay.

    Hmm, I guess inFamous. I think I'm near the end, so might as well finish. I think I would have enjoyed this game a lot more if it wasn't following Demon's Souls :P

      InFamous is quite possible my favourite game series of this generation

    I bought the Pixeljunk games that were on sale this week, so I'll be playing those.

    I will also try and play some Burnout Paradise and maybe Driver San Francisco. I recently fixed my PS3 trigger springs and I think driving games are the best way to test them.

    Finally, I got Mark of Kri for the PS2 and I might try to see if I can get back into it again. I liked the presentation but I couldn't get into it the first time.


      Goddamn that game is soooooooo good!

    I bought Alan Wake from GOG yesterday for $15, might be a little too close to my last play through to start again. Tempting, though. Also felt the urge to play Dreamfall again.

    TERA. Maybe some Disgaea 3 Vita if I can tear myself away from the former.

    Continue my second playthrough of Witcher 2, going Iorveths path this time on Dark Mode (not nearly as hard as I imagined).

    If I have time I will sneak in some ME3 multiplayer based on the recomendations of you lot

    Play ME3 so you can say you've played it and so you can also intelligently weigh in on the ME3 ending debate.
    However the ending is a disappointment. You have 3 choices. That's it. None of which make a lot of sense and leave more questions than answers. This is not the result of clever writing... Oh no. It's the result of sloppy writing.
    My Shep, Garrus and Ash are still charging towards the (bleep) - for me the last 15 mins never happened.

    Perhaps some Tribes Ascend. might throw in a match of civ 5 with some friends or some heroes of might and magic. just need to decide which version 6, 5 or 3. Other than that altering my black/white Sorin deck and trouncing my mate in magic.

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