What Are You Playing This Weekend

Hey everyone! Where my Trials peeps at? (*Crickets*) Ah you're all playing Diablo III and/or Max Payne 3...

It's understandable, I get it. Actually, I'll probably be trying to blast through some of Max Payne 3 myself, having played the first couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen/played. The writing is pretty solid, I love the way the game moves fluidly between cut-scene and action, there doesn't appear to be that weird disconnect. I think, when all is said and done, that's most likely most innovative thing about the game. It keeps you on your toes, there's never that 'oh, this is a cut-scene, I'll go and make a cup of tea' feel.

But still — it's all about Trials Evolution for me. I've managed to get gold in all the tracks, except the final four Extreme races. Dark City Run is going to be a real project, I can tell. At the moment Trials Evolution is completely up there with Journey as my game of the year so far. The breadth and depth of the options, and the track design, is incredible. Trials just feels like a skill you have to master, and that's a beautiful thing as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway — what are you guys playing this weekend? And is it too early to start calling for game of the year contenders?


    Diablo 3 and DayZ. Need several weekends at once now.
    Such good games.

    I'll be playing inFamous 2, I guess, wishing I was playing Max Payne 3.
    Or maybe I'll fire up the original Xbox discs of 1 and 2 - might be an easier pretend! :)

      InFamous 2 is great

        It's currently annoying me through no fault of its own. I doubt I'll finish it.

    Yeah - Diablo 3. Getting steadier now in terms of connection so here's hoping the weekend lets me play when I want to rather than when Blizzard lets me

    League of Legends, though all my mates who would normally be playing LoL will be on D3 (if the servers are up).

    I'm here! I'll be playing Trials Eveolution! I beat all the tracks last weekend, will try to gold them / beat your scores this weekend.

    But yes, I'll also be playing Diablo III with my brother in the evenings.

    And Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper on 360.


    Don't look at me like that.

    I'll show myself out.

    Diablo 3, 8 hours in and still only up to the first boss of Act 2!

      My jaw dropped when I saw who the Boss of Act 1 was. Suffering from a little bit of Incredible Hulk syndrome though (he's as big as a truck, now as big as a building, now only 10 foot tall) :D

        Yeah that was a moment of coolness

        Its definitely been the highlight so far :) just started te second act and the art style is incredible!

    Batman AC probably.
    Plus a bit of Motorstorm RC on Vita

      I'm replaying Arkham City too.

        Woo. Same. Just trying to finish up the Challenge maps. Got the combat ones down for all 4 chars, but the predator map medals are so situational... Blow up 3 thugs next to a wall. With no sonic Batarangs or anything. Double Ledge takedowns... Ugh.

    Max Payne 3 baby!!

    Some Driver san francisco and I might rent Shadows of the damned.

    Playing my sneaky, s tabby, shooty thief in Skyrim. Man, I can not believe I let that game sit on the shelf for so long un-played!! Also looking at having a go at World of Battles (not too sure about this to tell the truth) and maybe, just maybe finishing Dynasty Warriors 7. I don't think I should have any problems loading these games up.

    I would play Trials, if it had more clicking.

    If i can find my Wiimote after recently moving, i'll be playing SuperMarioGalaxy 2 for the first time. If i can't find it i'll be going old school with some dreamcast action, i'm thinking Shadowman and Evil Dead.

      shadowman is one of the greatest games ever! the story is unreal!

    Playing Diablo 3. It is my GOTY; especially given that Bioshock Infinite has been pushed to 2013.

    Definitely not too early for GOTY speculation though, Portal 2 came out in April.

      I still want to see how Borderlands 2 comes out before giving this GOTY. Definitely the frontrunner so far though, I think ME3 will struggle to even make it into the category when the year is over (MP3, GTA5, BL2, AC3)

        I'll be honest: I had forgotten ME3 came out this year. That's not a good sign. In it's defence, I haven't actually played it, so that probably contributed a lot to my not thinking about it.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 HD. Finished the main story (wow what a story it was!) and have now moved onto the VR missions. Not even 20% through yet...this may take a while

      and they get harder as you move to the other characters

        So I've heard. I do love a challenge though

    Diablo 3 for the most part - but I'll be getting some time in on Trials - though I'm nowhere as good as the guys on here - I'm struggling to gold hard tracks let alone the extreme ones.

    Diablo 3 Marathon for me, my aim is to get 1/2 way through hell difficulty get by the end of the weekend!
    I'm currently 1/2 way through act 1 nightmare, so i'm pretty far off :P

    Maybe it's time to stop being frozen by indecision and just randomly pick something off the pile of shame.

      I'm trying it alphabetically... unfortunately still on Alpha Protocol (about 5 games into my list), due to lack of time and over-abundance of new games...

    Diablo 3 & DayZ for me!

    I'm gonna go to the zoo and play with cheetahs.

    Then I might finally finish the last few chapters of Bayonetta...

    D3, this will be the first game in my life that I will most likely complete twice.


    I might try and spend sometime with Starhawk, Max Payne 3 and Rayman Origins on the console side of things... Everybody's Golf keeps getting booted up on the Vita when I'm watching telly also.

    I was ready for Diablo 3 but all the "Err-ors" has given me a bad taste about it.
    Loving Max Payne 3. Might finish that before getting on to D3.

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