What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've got a busy weekend coming up, but I still hope to finish off Max Payne 3. Then I'll probably try and gold Inferno III on Trials Evolution. It will be a glorious death. What are you guys playing?

There have been some big hitters out this week, but I suspect that this weekend is all about the games released last week — Diablo III being the obvious one. I have been thinking about engaging in some video game catch up though — To The Moon is on my list, as is Mass Effect 3. I might leave those ones until Shameless Gaming Month in July though.

I'm enjoying Max Payne 3 — currently just onto the second disc — so I'm hoping it maintains the pacing, and continues to ramp up.

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Diablo 3, Act 2 on Nightmare. Also slowly progressing in Hardcore... No time for anything else.

      I'm stuck just before that!! Every time I get home I restart at the spider level in NM Act I and almost get through to the end boss and the either I have to go to bed due to early work or the server decides to shut down in 10 minutes. I've played through almost all the way 4 times. Tonight I will assuredly be in Act II or die trying.

    Max payne 3
    Its incredible. Plays sooooo good and doesnt feel watered down. I actually dont mind the less weapon carrying as it makes sense in this...

      Im still on the fence over if I'll buy it or not. I did enjoy the previous games...

        I was too but played 1 and 2 on steam again. Im 34 and was what, mid 20s when they first came out and loved them. this feels like a drastic improvement. the 2 handguns and 1 bigger gun option makes sense because you see him physically carrying It. the gunplay is amazing and.the hit locations are unmatched. its brilliant.

      I agree, its so awesome. My goty so far!

        It's really, really fun! Give it a go, Nuddy!

      I haven't played the first two and I loved it. Didn't feel left out either, but felt there was a lot in there too that would please fans. Definitely recommend this.

    Diablo 3 if the horrible lag is gone and playing solo through Hell doesn't involve me constantly dying due to rubber banding and horrible spikes.

    D3 (if ping allows) and SC2 (if time allows) ^^

    Going to play the shit out of some minecraft

    Max Payne 3 & maybe some Battlefield 3.

    I'm actually feeling like going on a sim kick, so I'm thinking I want to muck around with some Sim City (anyone know if Sim City 4 was any good? I tried Sim City 2000 last night and it was just too dated to hold my interest).
    If Sim City doesn't pan out, I could totally go for some Theme Hospital.

      Yes, SimCity 4 is so far the best of the series and its still the best city builder to this day.

    FEZ, Sonic 4 Ep. 2, Minecraft, Alex Kidd & Co. and Monsterworld Collection.

    Pushing through on Diablo III so I can avoid having my geek license revoked. (currently only halfway through Act II on normal, I've been *that* busy) In amongst the hacking and slashing o Diabolic minions, I will also be putting some time into Agarest: Generations of War.

    I'd like to say MP3 but I'm on PC... :(

      GOt the CE on preorder so I'll wait until the end of the month.
      D3 whould arrive Friday or Monday for me at this stage, kinda glad I missed the starting line scrimmage.

    DayZ all the way. If you haven't tried it out then do yourself a favour.

      Yeah DayZ! I keep trying to play it but servers are full. And I ceebs waiting. Plus i just got respawned at the beach before, and lost my primary weapon and all my ammo and food.
      As much as I love it, it's still so Alpha. But so good. But so broken. I'm going to give it a few weeks.

    I'll be sinking some serious hours into the Jak and Daxter collection. My problem is I have two more to play, and I can't get off Jak 1. Damn you nostalgia and totally-holds-up-gameplay, damn you

    Too much work to do, ugh. But if I get a few minutes, resonance of fate.

    Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World and Minecraft if i can work out how to build something instead of throwing cubes on the ground.

    Started D3 last night (I managed to wait until many of the server issues has been addressed) & will be cracking through that all weekend. I'm hoping to finish off Max Payne 3 on the weekend as well. It's an amazing game.

    I've recently gotten into Metroid Fusion (from the 3DS Ambassador games). So probably that!

    The Dig

    Dragons Dogma, Ghost Recon, maybe Reach, Awesomenauts, Trenched, looking for a new room.

      How good is awesomenauts! Bought on impulse, once u 'get it' its very addictive... voltage or lonestar all the way! I just wish more people were in to it, there's hardy any talk of it on Kotaku...

    Skyrim. Forever, at this stage. Diablo 3 may make an appearance in a few weeks time, but I've got a long stretch of leave and... This is my jam :) Oh, and I might try and source a cheap copy of Witcher 2 for 360...

    Diablo and attempting to make decent maps for Shogun 2.

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