What Are You Studying?

Every Tuesday we try and ask you guys and girls a question, questions that exist outside the video game realm. I know, crazy. Today I thought I'd ask if there were any students in our midst? What are you studying? And for all you guys that are — like me — a little older, what did you study, back in the days of old?

Me? Well, I did an undergraduate English degree, and then came back a couple of years later to do a Masters in Media Research. It didn't really help me out that much, but I guess some parts of my study helped me get the job I have today.

But what about you guys? What are studying/have you studied?


    Bachelor of Arts (international politics and Chinese majors) and Diploma in Languages (Japanese)

    Qualified Electrician certificate III in electrotechnology and currently studying certificate III Instrumentation and process control

    I studied a Bachelor of communications and media studies majoring in Marketing and Advertising. I finished a few months ago and I'm still looking for some graduate positions.

    5th year of a part time Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology (GIS major)............ at the tender age of 44

    Completed Dip of Music and studying Bach of Education, Primary

    Was studying piloting intending to go up to a commercial license but I became disillusioned when I was half way through my first year. Flying isn't what I wanted. Currently working in an engineering consultant as a drafter and enjoying the drawings and designs I get to make and see implemented on the Melbourne metro and regional network.

    bachelor electrical & electronics engineering , it is interesting and shit.

    I have a piece of paper that tells me I'm a qualified Recording Engineer. However I got that over 15 years ago and it's been almost as long since I did any of that work that I doubt it's worth anything, even if it was worth much in the first place. :P

    As for what I'm studying right now? Not officially, but just teaching myself I'm studying pattern-making and clothing construction.

      Pfft, that's not real engineering. Don't you know anything? ;)

      Seriously though, that means you know (or knew) how to control recording booths to make music sound awesome? I imagine that 15 years of digitisation would probably have changed that a lot...

        Yup. I'd be afraid to touch anything now, I'd have no idea what any of the buttons were for. Plus all these years of metal gigs with no earplugs means I wouldn't be fit for the job anymore anyway.

    1st year in Interior Architecture right here!

    Bachelor double degrees in Electrical & Electronic Engineering + Commerce (marketing/management)

    I have a bachelor of arts in ancient history and work in heritage and field digs

    Currently a Diploma of Management. previously, Nanotechnology

    Ancient History :) As all the folks on TAY already know :P

      I thought you just read Ancient Greek porn, to be honest.
      Didn't know there was a degree for that.

    I have am studying through tafe in instrumentation and control will finish at the end of the year. :)

    Final year study for my Masters of Chiropractic!
    Also its national spinal health care week, which this year is focused on the amount of hours spent sitting-primarily at the PC. Sitting is pretty candy for your spine. Make sure you take regular breaks to stand up and stretch during 6 hour Diablo loots runs

    I studied how to be Liam Neeson for a few years.
    As anyone who has met me can tell you, it worked out brilliantly.

    Bachelor of Law at Macquarie University.
    Time to get out of the IT sector and move into something new.

    Just finished a coure in Journalism and I'm hunting for jobs.
    Kotaku would be nice ...

      That bodes well.

        Just say it was intentional. You made me laugh!

    I'm pretty close to wrapping up my PhD in human factors, which is somewhere between psychology, engineering and design, depending on who your talking to.

    Currently doing a cert 2 in Animal studies with Taronga Zoo and studying coffee in my free time.

    I honestly think my degree was better for my social life than getting a job. Worth it on that front alone, since I came out of high school a barely functioning hermit. :P

    I did a bachelor of science degree at UNE, and now I'm doing a bachelor of pharmacy degree because I didn't like the job insecurity of being a research scientist.

      I did graduate science though, I majored in genetics.

    bachelor of medicine and surgery at monash, currently in my 4th year. I'll be a medical doctor in less than two years :)

      Oh wow, small world, I'm in your year!

    Bachelor of Information Systems. Just one unit left next semester and then I've completed it.

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