What If Mass Effect's Reapers Had Captured The Useless Species Too?

During the Mass Effect trilogy you fight a few friendly species "re-appropriated" as bad guys by the Reapers. But not all of them. So concept artist Andrew Ryan decided to imagine what it would be like if the Reapers had been a little more thorough.

There are some major and predictable races on show, like the Krogan and Drell, but awesomely some other more unexpected foes, like the Hanar and even the Volus.

You can see more of Andrew's work at his personal site or his DeviantArt gallery.


    The Hanar one's would be similar to the Ceph form Crysis 1.

      Reaper Krogan...useless? Nah dude, don't think so.

        Krogan. Sterilized race. Potential wasted.

        Dude... That's what Brutes are.

          Brutes are a hybrid of Krogan and Turian


      yeah so what does that make banshees? they are specificity ardat yakshi which are probably rarer than the remaining drell population

        Banshees aren't just Ardat Yakshi, they're also any Asari with the genetic potential to breed an Ardat Yakshi, so Samara could become a banshee as could most "pureblood" Asari as they have increased likelihood of giving birth to Ardat Yakshi.

    wow, you just called the drell and krogan useless... uuuum lol.

      Hey look, I just go on what Harbinger tells me. He tells you all this in the second game.

      Ps I couldn't remember and probably didn't hear half the stuff he said about the other species so I found a wiki that had them.

      Phone Stuffed up take 2:
      quarian. Considered due to cybernetic augmentation, weakened immune system too debilitating
      Geth. An annoyance. Limited utility
      Asari. Reliance on other species for reproduction shows genetic weakness
      Salarian. Insufficient lifespan. Fragile genetic structure
      Human. Viable possibility...if emotional drives are subjugated (one of many)
      Turian. You are considered too primitive

        I've never heard those in game, and I've played ME2 all through about 9 times! Where do you hear it?

        And, also, they all sound a bit weird. Why do Reapers worry about weakened immune systems? And Asari do not *depend* on other species for reproduction, they prefer it because they instinctively journey to seek out mates far from their own gene pool. And the Turians are 'too primitive'? Bioware be crazy, man...

          Haha yeah...harbinger smack talking a bit too maybe! I think it depends on who is with you in your team, so if you have thane and grunt he'll sprout the lines about them in-between telling you he's assuming direct control and this hurts you lolz

    even if these don't work they still look awesome

    "concept artist Andrew Ryan"

    There's joke in this somewhere

    The reapers already did "re-appropriate" Krogans...
    Yes it had a Turian head...the Cannibal had a human for an arm/gun.

    Could has potential as bastard suicide bombers.

    All the other races seem to have their potential team roles taken by existing reaper forces.

    the Volus looks like he's holding some self-distructing button

      he does doesn't he? he will go up in a cloud of stinky ammonia gas

    Man, a drell reaper would be beast... kind of like a reaper version of the phantom

    Of course the Reapers would want to indoctrinate the Volus. A short, dumpy species in clumsy costumes with no combat acumen. Badass.

    That Quarian is damn good, I would actually expect to see that in the game.

    Elcor would be useful as mobile artillery platforms.

    The Brutes were krogan bodies with turian heads, not too sure why they didn't just make them krogan, seems like they wasted a lot of perfectly good turians just to rip off their heads.


    I couldn't kill the drell even if reaper it would feel like I was killing thane every time.

    The Salarian looks like Earthworm Jim

    Regardless if these are cannon or not, the art is amazing.

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