What Makes You Pre-Order Games These Days?


    Why is there no, "For the Art book released with it" option?

      That would be "Limited edition replica game prop/memorabilia".

    Where's the option for art books? Me likey art books

    None of the above for me. I pre-order so I have the game on release day as I live in the sticks and don't have game stores close.

    Not sure what to answer with a lack of option for
    'Reasonable amount of trust that the game will be quality based on my previous experience with said developer, and a willingness to support their work'
    So I went with Props n stuff, wooo statues!

    I only order far enough ahead of time to preload the game on Steam usually. I made an exception for the Diablo 3 collector's edition because I'm buying that as a gift for someone.

    I don't see any "Because it looks like a fresh, interesting concept and a legitimately good game, rather than a shitty rehash or half-assed sequel" option in the poll.

    Oh well, no vote from me.

      Good game = preorder. End of story.

      come on, when was the last time a game of that description came out? lol

    My option's not up there: Preordered in case it goes out of stock in the first week.

    Granted, I rarely ever pre-order - I did for Diablo 3 because a bunch of mates and I are getting together for a non-LAN LAN

    None of these.

    I preorder if:
    - It's cheaper to do so (eg buying on Steam before they remember to add the $40 Australia Tax)
    - The game's a niche release that's going to have a limited run and be hard to find if it's not preordered (Atlus JRPGs used to be notorious for this)
    - Something I'm going to want to import anyway

      I've done the "get in before Australian tax" on Steam as well! Deus Ex HR leaps to mind.

      I also preordered Portal 2 simply because I knew it'd be great and it was a good price.

    To pre-load the game so I can unlock it right on release, on steam... instead of going to EB.

    That or getting a cool collectors edition of a game i'm genuinely besotted with.

    I went with game prop/memorabilia. Love my ACII Ezio. Also a big sucker for artbooks and soundtracks (and I would again refer to Assassin's Creed here...)

    I don't pre-order many games, personally, unless I specifically want one of these special edition versions, and that's not very often.

    I voted for the limited edition stuff- I like my art books and stuff too. However, I only bother if it's a game that I am genuinely looking forward to. Diablo 3, Spore, and Mafia 2 are the only ones that I remember pre-ordering recently

    Where's the "Doesn't have games for windows live" tick box?

    why is there no "because the game looked good" choice? That's generally my incentive.

    Any game I 'know' i'm going to buy in advance, like skyrim, which comes with any bonus stuff at all.
    Basically if I know i'm going to spend the money, I'll spend the money a little earlier if i get something for free.

      This. If I definitely want it, and preordering gets me something extra, why not? Especially for a game which may be sold out first weekend.

    Something worth pre-ordering, free dlc/additional skins/chars. I will always pre-order collector's edition if it has a cool looking prop/statue. I refuse to pre-order if there are no bonuses associated since I can just walk in (or out to my post box when buying online) on release day and pick up regular edition anyway, so why put in the money ahead of time, most times I will just wait for the price drop before buying

    I usually get limited/special/collector editions if they have figures or statues. Dues Ex, Splinter Cell Conviction, AvP, Assassins Creed 3 and so on. I would have gotten the RC-XD RC car with Black Ops but it uses like 12 batteries and cost an extra $100-150 which its not worth. Same with the Halo Reach statue. Just wasn't worth the extra.

    Where the option for " the game its self"?

    I've only pre-ordered 2 games. The Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3. Guess which one left a sour taste in my mouth, and me swearing I'd never pre-order again.

    The only time I preorder is if I've got some trade bait that will get me extra credit for trading towards a preorder. And if there's some kind of preorder bonus for the game. Otherwise I'll just wait for it to drop.

    I usually buy limited/collector's editions for games I really really love; uncharted, halo, mass effect, wow etc. Anything else I'll just buy standard, even if it comes with something cool. Night vison goggles are cool and all but something I would ever use.

    I really do like art books though, I have about 50 (including disney/pixar ones, though) on my shelf at the moment.

    I am sorely disappointed that ANYONE would answer "Limited edition downloadable content".


        Because we all prefer the way CD Projekt works over EA?

        We like all the game content to be part of the games price and for the collectors edition to have something EXTRA such as an art book, making of DVD and other physical crap.

    there is no option for "just to make sure i get a copy on release day"

    I'm a sucker for cool-looking USB devices. Disapointed with the SC2 dogtag, hoping D3 soulstone is better.

    Wait, this is a paid for advertisement. Don't we have a right to know who is collecting this data & paying for the poll before we agree to take part?

    Who's paying you to collect this client data, Kotaku?

      Let me guess, Gearbox

      Because they still have no idea what to put inside the treasure chest edition

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