When Anime And Real Life Collide, Things Get Freaky

Before people in Asia and the West were Photoshopping the hell out of their faces to look like anime characters, artist Chris Scarborough was doing it to his subjects. For art.

Scarborough's series "Ideal Species" shows humans that look more humanoid. It's as though he's taken the anime aesthetic and transplanted it to the real world. Actually, that's exactly what he did.

The artist described the series as: "Photographs and drawings where the people have been altered to have facial and body proportions similar to those found in Japanese 'anime' cartoons and manga."

Of course, Scarborough was not the first to do this — and he won't be the last.

What makes his photos, which date from 2006, so much more interesting now is that they show all how this ideal has actually become the reality — on the internet, at least.

Ideal Species [Chris Scarborough via Neatorama]



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