When Internet Memes Become Art

Nerd stronghold Gallery 1988 is currently holding quite the exhibition, showcasing a ton of works done by artists all inspired by the one thing: internet memes.

The memier the better. So be warned: while there are awesome pictures to follow, there are also a lot of rainbows, cats and keyboards.

The show runs until May 26 at Gallery 1988 Melrose, at the Southeast corner of Melrose and La Brea in LA. If you can't make it, you can buy prints of the pieces at 88's store below!

Memes [Gallery 1988, via Super Punch]


    Heres to Reddit for destroying creativity and never citing references for original content

    a worse place then 4chan

      9GAG is infinitely worse than both Reddit and 4chan.

    "F*n links. How do they work?"


      So you can click on this website every day and say "goddamn there's no news! It's the same announcements I read yesterday!"

    Grumbling aside, that art deco Nyan Cat is kind of neat.

    Established news previously revealed elsewhere - Check.
    Shock value title - Check.
    Pathetic write up entirely dependent on the viewer following links - Check.
    Poorly cited material - Check.

      Why do you people even read Kotaku?

        Because it used to be decent to read before writers like Luke Plunkett came along and ruined it. We come back for the 2-3 decent JOURNALISTS not these pathetic excuses for journalists.. #BRINGBACKJOURNALISM

    They like to complain and hate things.

    The art deco nyan cat is worthy.

    You've left me in the mood for some art deco starships. By HR Giger. Is it too much to ask?


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