When It Comes To Diablo III, Error 3003 Is The New Error 37

Oh aren't you cute, over there making fun of Diablo III's Error 37. So old-fashioned! Haven't you been following the latest trends? Everyone knows that Error 37 is yesterday's news. Today, the hot new error is Error 3003!

Oooh, just look at it there, strutting onto your computer screen. So fierce, so present.

I bet you thought you'd be able to play your game today! I bet you thought that stupid, constant Error 37 you got yesterday had been resolved, and that maybe the idea of an always-on internet requirement for a single-player game wasn't acutally flawed in a fundamental way.

Shows what you know! Time to get with the hippest fashions, my friend. Go ahead. Boot up Diablo III and try to log in. You'll get an up-close look at our fashionable new friend Error 3003 posthaste.

If you're lucky, you may even see his cousin, Little Miss Error 75. She's shy, but mark my words: She may just be the Next Big Thing.


    Er...it's because it's under maintenance..?

    man, kotaku has been absolutely ripping diablo 3 to shreds...

      And rightly so. Such a massive organisation should have had the foresight and experience to negate such simple issues such as server load. They knew how many orders there were. Saying "get in line" is not a solution, it's an excuse.

        Yeah but it was also a bit hard for them to do this in beta testing with only X amount of people, where as now they have absolutely millions! Which is putting a lot of strain on the servers. Besides the issue will fixed in a couple hours apparently /glad I'm waiting till Friday.

        Blizz have always been good at fixing up day 1 issues straight away... (they're also good for having day 1 issues though haha)

          Get your hear out of your ass VX this should never have happened to loyal customers who have paid full price for a game. FUCK always online.


            Lel head out of my ass, bit mad are we? This is 2012, get used to the fact that there are day 1-3 issues, grow some balls before commenting back.

            Besides I understand a loyal customer is also a forgiving one that would have the intelligence to understand this? No? Mhmmm.

          Wrong. They were only using a handful of servers for the Beta which gave them an idea of load based on the numbers of people using them. All they had to do was work out the averages and work out simple load balancing. EG: 1 server works well with X players, we know how many people have pre-ordered the game, so we are going to need Y servers online at LEAST + a few more for the people who just walk in and buy the game on the day. I'm a network engineer and I am heavily involved in Citrix Farm and load balancing, it isn't rocket science and it works on EXACTLY the same principle. They screwed up, BIG time. You damn straight they deserve all the heat they are copping at the moment.

          These are the people that have been running WoW for the better part of a decade, they should know how to handle server loads by now.

            Why did it take so long for someone to make this painfully obvious point!

            ...That said you have to remember Blizzard are a big company and will have different teams on WOW and DIII... that siad I would ecpect them to talk and share ideas occasionally

        I agree. These problems are insane for day 2, especially when you can't even play singleplayer.

        Server issues on day 1 for such a large company is unacceptable. Thats just them being greedy and cheap at the same damn time. It sickens me.

      I'd be more concerned if they didn't.

      At least they are giving blizzard the same treatment they would give a Ubisoft title that has the same issues.

      People will say that oh they didn't know they would have so many people. It's not an excuse, this isn't an MMO they didn't have to force the consumer to Always Online, but it was a business decision they made. And when that decision is bad for the customer it seems only logical that people stand up and say something about it.

      I just love how so many people jump to defend Blizzard over it. But if it was any other games company they would be getting crucified over these issues with a game that has a large singleplayer component

        Exactly Alinos so many people defends blizzards always online move... Now look at them trying to log in.

          Yep. Nail on the hear right there.

          Yes, but unlike other companies Blizzard will (hopefully) fix it in a timely manner and support the shit out of the game for over a decade... They're still patching Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 with the latest patches being out in the last few years.

          Name one Ubisoft/EA/Activision game that got patched over a year after it's initial release.

            The level of disappointment is only so high because everyone has such high expectations of Blizz, given their long tradition of excellence (matched or exceeded only by Valve among the major studios, IMHO).

              They have had a long tradition of online launch failures. Their games may be great when you can play them. But SC2 is about the only game that didn't have any major launch issues.

              Even Diablo 2 had launch issues. some weren't able to play online for months. Not a major issue given the singleplayer was playable.

            Ubisoft patched out the always online requirements of both AC2 and AC:Brotherhood. AC2 was about a year after release from memory. So they in essence used it as a anti piracy barrier for a year.

            They have a start up check now but that's it.

            The online startup check as well can be used for non internet If you don't close the launch wrapper for the game after it's performed the check you can launch the game whenever. Regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.

            Sure some feature's disappear by not being online but much like the RMAH in D3 they aren't pertinent to actually playing the game.

            If you had played any blizzard game then you would know just as someone who has played from the diablo series to every year of wow that fix it they might but in a timely matter? are you stupid most blizzard games have the same issues and bugs for months if not years.

      yeah, so apparently people took this as a "OH MY GOD GUYS BLIZZARD IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND THE BEST, LEAVE THEM ALONE MEAN KOTAKU"

      no, not at all, i'm pissed at this as well, i would like to be playing my proper character right now but i can't because of this server mainenance.

      what i was saying is that kotaku (or maybe just kirk) has been acting like trolls, with the servers not being up for even a day, they are already calling this the worst thing ever, and that online-only singleplayer is a bad idea, Which i actually agreed with kirk on that, however this article just reeks of major butt-hurt, and now i am wondering whether his last article was an educated discussion on the implications of online DRM, or whether it's him just angry at blizzard because he can't play his game, and is acting like a guy trying to badmouth his ex-girlfriend, just going over the top with it.

      so, yes this is bad, i hate online DRM and blizzard should learn from their mistake, but writing an article solely to make fun of the fact? not even explaining what the error is for, or when it will be fixed, instead kirk acts like an idiot and makes himself look like an ass.

        Except I didn't get that feeling from the article - it felt a bit more satirical than you're implying.

        Except that's not the case. So long as they treat any game that does similar things the same. It doesn't matter if it looks like their butt hurt or not.

        Neither of the 2 error articles have said anything bad about the game just that always online sucks with examples for each.

        "not even explaining what the error is for, or when it will be fixed, instead kirk acts like an idiot and makes himself look like an ass."

        The connection was interrupted is the error. When it will be fixed, Unless blizzard release a statement(which they wouldn't unless it went for like 24+ hours) no one can know. Again these are reason's that always online is bad.

        So long as they rip into every company who does this. It doesn't quite matter. It's something to be annoyed about. Thing is though while you say oh they are ripping into D3. When the next game to do this comes along and has similar issues. People will have no issue raining hellfile down on it(Unless it's blizzard or Valve.

      As they should. The situation is pathetic.

    Haven't had a single problem yet

      Lance you haven't had a single problem yet????? try loggin on now you jackass

        Just to clarify - Lance has had no trouble playing a game, therefore he's a jackass?
        You are taking out your frustration at a technical issue on a random & blameless person.
        You sir, have just acted like a dick.

          Richard seems like someone that has many issues stuck up his a!$ and likes taking his frustration on the many *rollseyes*

            SHOGGOTH and VX!
            You will NOT make this putt... you JACKASS!

        What's the matter little fella? What's got you being such a colossal wanker?

        still no problems mate logged in and out few times since finishing work and works perfect :)

    Could you sound any more butt hurt Hamilton?

    whats with kotaku and error reporting

      This is why people were complaining about the always online part for what can be played as a singleplayer experience with no major issue.

      They ripped AC2 and basically any time Ubisoft done it. But oh this is blizzard they are beyond reproach

        well think about it as one way of protecting their software ... its not gone be crashed for some time and even when it will it will be some crappy fake server connections that will have a lot more issues

          Protecting there software isn't an excuse though. Customers are still gonna have to deal with the crap even when the hackers figure a way to hack items into the online segment

    So they fucking should but really Kotaku should of had articles warning people way before it was released. We all knew this was going to happen with the always online but people just bent over and happily accept richard into them..... its sad

      Well Blizzard themselves were warning the same thing would happen. On their FAQ it said something like "error message 37 may appear due to congestion issues with the servers, but keep trying to log in"

        Just think if they never had always online we would be playing right about now... sigh

      Sire Question for you if you don't mind.
      What happened to Version 1 of Richard Smack?
      Did he just get tired of the constant puns about his name and decide that trying to reach Atlantis was probably the easiest solution to his problem. Did he find a crew to pilot a billion dollar submarine and solve many riddles left to him by his Grand Fathe? When he finally reached atlantis did he fall in love with Aquamans wife and start a secret affair with her? Did she not use protection and suddenly become pregnant with his baby? Did aquaman find out and decide that the man must endure a atlantian trial by battle? Did he nominate his champion as the queen? Did she agree because there is no way that the king would kill his own wife? Did the both of you end up banished because of the stunt? Did he go back and live in greenland with his now wife the queen of atlantis? When their son was born did he have gills? Did his wife die giving birth? Was he left sad and alone and forever in a state of grieving?

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          I read cloned himself and all I could think of was Arnie, "Why dont you clone yourself while you're alive? So you can go fuck yourself"

            Apologies for the language, and it wasn't directed at anyone

    play on europe till its back up

      Yeah good idea but im going pretty good on the first character i have... sigh

      Find the article about resistance 3 dlc alice springs thats the last time richard smack version 1 was ever seen again

    The D3 servers in North America are down for at least the next 2 hours. Error 3003 hs domain. LAME.

    Lol kotaku bunch of whinging dickheads

    Done with this site.

      Nobody will miss you. Bye.

      NO! dont go! those of us who are left wont be able to cope without your witty & insightful contributions!

      seriously though. dont come back.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

    Why would people pay for 6 hours of content with always online DRM?

    Am I the only one thinking that the reason Blizzard's servers ( it's also affecting Starcraft 2 as well at this point) are being deliberately attacked by a person/group of people who are upset over the online DRM?... Blizzard are well aware of how to run an online services but the only thing they can't predict and prepare for is malicious DDoS attacks.

      Doubt it. It's just to do with millions of users.

        There is that, but considering Anonymous and their track record I wouldn't put it past someone intentionally flooding the Blizzard servers. It happened to Ubisoft because people didn't like their always-on DRM and the same people are complaining about Blizzard always-on DRM.... Always-on might not be a very good idea but when people intentionally attack it to make it look worse are just assholes.

        The only DDOS Blizzard are suffering from is their own popularity. Their bean counters didn't like the numbers for renting temporary CPUs from some virtual farm supplier. They would prefer to make the customers wait and suffer than lose profit on expensive short term rental agreements.

        They did a risk assessment and found that Almighty Blizzard could withstand the reputation hit and dollars where worth more to their greedy little hearts than customer satisfaction.

      They might be well aware, but this way is far cheaper for them.
      Why be nice to your customers when they'll come to your defence when you defecate all over their faces.

        Because honestly, despite the always-on DRM Blizzard are still delivering top notch quality games... I can't even play at the moment because I'm at work and if the servers aren't up when I get home guess what, my life isn't over, I'll just do something else.

        The day I'll stop respecting Blizzard is the day they push out unpolished and shit games year after year.

          Well that is your opinion, to me they ruined the single player for Starcraft 2 and dumbed down the gameplay in Diablo 3 to gain mass appeal and increase the value of gear so the AH would see more use.
          Always online is a fucking joke, why can't I play my single player game if my internet goes down?

      It's true! Blizzard can do no wrong, it must be an outside agency rather than their greed, incompetence and knowledge that their fanboys will dream up insane conspiracy theories!

      Oh wait.

    Has there ever been a AAA title released on PC that doesn't have first week game killing problems?

      Almost all of them, only MMOs and extremely popular and rushed Multiplayer centric titles tend to suffer from this on the first day or three of release.

        And Skyrim. And Fallout. And Rage... All had massive gameperformance bugs that needed patching.

          Lazy and shitty ports usually have problems too, I agree.

            I find it amazing when the shitty ports also have problems on their console versions as well...

              That's true, I can't make excuses for bad games.
              However their audience should just deal with it and stop being so entitled as to think they deserve to be able to play the game they purchased and have it work correctly.

      99% of them at least let you start the game ! There bugs, then there's just doesn't freaking work.

    This is how i feel about playing this game ATM


      then you feel like my boss when i stole then consumed his snickers.

    Blizzards metaphor: I have a some family coming to visit me for a few weeks, do I go out and buy a mini bus to transport them every where now and be left with an unnecessary cost later when they leave? What is the smart business answer?
    People forget that these companies have 1 main objective, to make money. They didn't make D3 because the fans wanted it, they do it because there is money to be made.

    Should people be pissed? Yes..
    Should people be surprised? No..

      A better analogy would be forcing people to visit you, and you not renting a minibus.

        At what point did they force you to buy the game?

          ...where "forcing" quite obviously refers to playing online rather than buying the game

      +1 for logic. Why would they buy massive servers to handle the day 1-3 load when they will be completely unnecessary when the crowd balances out in next couple of weeks.

      I mean, I get it. You can't log in and are pissed. Nobody like DRM despite the equally valid logic behind their RMAH microtransaction system. But seriously, this will be sorted within a week. A week ago you couldn't play at all. Not the end of the world.

        Im no network engineer but im pretty sure they could have rented servers until the load lightened?
        It's certainly not the end of the world but it's a very foreseeable circumstance that could and should have been avoided.

        It reeks of bean counters pulling the purse strings closed. Plus the always on DRM only assists in ensuring their additional recenue steam - the real money AH.

        I wonder how much getting into be with activision has contributed to this?

          Gah! Into bed not into be

            Revenue not recenue. I'm now going to throw my phone in the bin

      Except that once again they chose to force everyone online for this game so then to say well it's not our fault seems a bit of a double standard.

    FFS you've all effectively bought a Season Pass to a Theme Park but fronted on the first day expecting to get on the rides when you want.. STFU and chill, Veruca Salt.

      No, I've bought my own private theme park, turned up and the gate is locked and the company that sold it to me has hired a fucking locksmith. Or something. Anyway, fuck always online drm, is my point.

        Yeah needing to always be connected to play is really crappy, but I can't really call it DRM since its purpose is quite a bit deeper than, "its a consequence of piracy and we are a big evil company that wants to control all our users all the time" * maniacal laugh*.

        I think Blizzard has spent a good deal of R&D time and money making online transactions, security and user protections work for there WoW sector (and Battle.net as a whole entity) that they felt they may as well kill a flock of birds with one already proven solution... er stone. They can have some nice features that make them money, protect the users that actually want to partake in that aspect and not have to deal with hackers, farmers and thieves (or at least have the framework there to counter such things easier)

    I agree, you all need to relax. Stop complaining so much about Blizzard making all these mistakes and just doing it for money. How many of you have any real idea of what it takes to make a game as epic as this, and have it run perfectly first couple of days in? Whether they made a mistake in estimating their own popularity, or whether they thought "Oh well it'll even out in the next few days, so lets not devote all of our servers to it", or whether they didn't consider it's frustrating not to be able to play single player because of DRM, cut them some slack anyway. They are not out to get you, they made you this awesome game. All of the designers, the artists, the coders and the hundreds of little people who poured their all into making this game for you want you to judge it based on the actual game play experience itself (logging in is NOT part of the experience, so let it go), not on the fact they have some server issues and bug fixes. They don't do these things to piss you off on purpose, what purpose would that serve them? They want your appreciation (and your money, of course), so take a chill pill and try again when the servers are back.

      Awesome is your opinion, try to imagine how others would feel if they had waited for 12 years and, in their opinion, it was not awesome, infact that it was bad.
      Try and imagine how pissed off they would be.
      Would you be as pissed of in their shoes.

        I have been waiting just as long, but i work for a game company also, so i know the flipside of this story. Last night i didn't get to play until hours after the release because i didn't get home earlier, then it was still downloading because i had issues with the installer so it was lagging in the videos, and i didn't get past the beta content before i had to go to bed. Guess what? I'm not angry, i just want to get back into what will be an awesomely created game from one of the biggest developers in the world. Raging at Blizzard and degrading the entire game just because of a few (admittedly frustrating) glitches is silly. And i'm not just defending Blizzard here, it's all new release games that have issues. You've been waiting 12 years sure, wouldn't it be worse if you waited less, had a great release and turned out they'd butchered the game? They took a stupidly long time to make it true, but when you actually get to play the game, it's freaking awesome right?

        I agree - I'd be a bit miffed about it - but at the end of the day people need to remember not to lose sight that these are issues that are going to get better and not worse. Give it a few days (maybe after this weekend) and they probably won't exist anymore.

      When you turn around and consider the fact theyve been promising a release for so long and then not complying and how long they were sitting on the finished product.

      Everyone here has the right to be pissed at blizzard. They have been jerking everyones chains with all their games. They wouldnt have even released D3 if the Star Wars MMO hadn't come out. They were forced to play their hand. Especially since cataclysm was such a massive flop that lost them a majority of their fan base

      Consider also that the next part to SC2 The heart of the swarm was meant to be released last year..Oh wait thats right its blizzard they dont really give a flying $%^&

      Considering theyve had it ready for so long it should have run perfectly. Just sayin

    I really don't understand how a company that has been running Battlenet and WoW for so many years would have trouble with its servers...

    has anyone looked at the user metacritic rating??? it's like 3.7 or something!!!

      3.7? Ha, 37 error joke built right into that one.

    As someone who hasn't really been following this overly much, as I have no plans to get D3, is it like this all over the net? People are actually defending the logic of making a single player game online only having issues at launch so paying customers can't play a game that has no non-arbitrary reason to be online?
    I mean fair enough that people don't respond kindly to death threats at Blizzard or some such, and maybe they don't feel the need to get especially angry over a game. But defending it? Really? I find that truly bewildering. Blizzard are failing to deliver a service customers paid for, but furthermore it's an issue than would be not exist if the game did not force online for a completely arbitrary reason. People are entirely justified in being disgruntled.

      Its blowing my mind too. No wonder when I buy a game now, its had a creamy DLC filling pulled out of it and then been lightly dusted with shitty DRM in its place.

    WoW launched with server load dramas also, and Blizzard did their best to repay player faith in them by crediting a lot of free game time, I'm sure that once this is all sorted, everyone will get some free credits at the RMAH or some such - as a company they are among the best for trying to do right by their customers I think (in contrast, I'm still waiting for all those KoTOR2 bugs to be patched... and its not like thats an isolated example).
    Like everyone else, I'm disappointed I can't play my game, but what I found most offensive about this article is the author's obvious mob mentality - he's done everything short of calling us readers to grab our torches and pitchforks and go down to Blizzard to burn them witches that must be spellin' the servers. It's tabloid journalism pandering to the trolls and I don't like it, but I guess that's just me

    Always online play? I'm assuming that means as long as they maintain the servers right? I can still play Diablo II after 12 years. Will I be able to play Diablo 3 in 12 years? I doubt it.

    First world problems hey. Just be grateful that you have the game at all. All this will be sorted in the next few days and in a weeks time no one will be talking about it.

    The amount of moaning and crying on kotaku for the last few months has been atrocious.

      You're right, it is a first world problem. The moaning and crying is completely non-productive.

      Having said that, I don't think it's unreasonable for people to expect that, when they buy a product, it would and should work as intended

        It does work as intended, for the majority at least. That's about all you can hope for with a launch of an MMO as huge as this. Games bug, out, you can test it a billion times and still never reproduce the same thing as some unlucky person might get. Server overload for 2 hours and a bit of lag, then a 2 hour wait the next day for server maintenance - not much to complain about in the long run.

        It's frustrating to be sure since you look forward to it, but bashing an entire company and the game itself because of this annoyance is tantamount to having a tantrum as a child because you didn't get ice-cream before dinner - grow up.

    Had Error 3003, finally logged in, now what do I get....

    Down for Maintenance...

    That's a VERY big kick in the arse

    sorry guys but i been playing this game seemlesly all last night and from 12 today to just half hour ago . no issues untill just half an hour ago sorry i just must be lucky . my barb is at level 29 already and owns lol

    Facing error 3003 while Diablo 3 is loading, telling unable to connect to the service. I surfed the internet and found some helpful tips like::
    Disable Window Mode and Change Preferred & DNS Servers.
    Try to update graphics drivers and repair windows registry. Also stop AntiVirus while launching game.

    Here is slideshare presentation having some helpful tips, its not a specific solution but will help in troubleshooting this error: http://www.slideshare.net/TeraByte57/how-to-fix-diablo-3-error-3003

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