When Optimus Prime And Spider-Man Won The Chinese Lottery

Optimus Prime? Lucky guy. The same goes for Spider-Man and Ultraman. All three won the Chinese lottery. Ditto for several bigheaded Pandas.

It's not that these lotto winners are shy. Rather, they're actually worried about keeping things relatively low-key after their winnings are made public in order not to draw unwanted attention.

As website China Whisper previously pointed out, these mask winners are being "street smart" because their winners can be up to tens of millions of US dollars. Fears of unwanted celebrity or even kidnapping exist, and winners generally think it's better to be safe than sorry.

According to Chinese news reports, some winners don't even tell their own family members and continue living their lives as normal.

While you obviously cannot cash as six-foot cardboard check, you can enjoy the masked winners in the above gallery.

20 Photos of Chinese Lottery Winners Wearing Silly Masks [Haohao Report]


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