When You Can't Find A Video Game Box, Make Your Own

Video game retailer GameStop lets you trade in games for cash. You don't have to bring in the original packaging. So sometimes, when trying to re-sell those used games, GameStop will stick them in those generic, blank cases that look terribly ugly on your living room shelf.

But sometimes friendly employees make their own versions. This Dragon Age: Origins box, found in an EB Games over in Canada, was sent to Kotaku this morning. Almost as good as the original. Almost.

(Thanks, Brandon.)


    In B4 haters.

    That got a chuckle from me.

      Should be safe, Luke didn't write this one. ;)

    I saw someone's handdrawn cover for a 2nd hand Fifa game at JB Hifi the other day, was good because it was right next to a proper cover to facilitate up close comparison!

    I'm gonna have to do this next time I trade in a game lol.

    DOn't they have colour copiers at these joints?

      Having worked at the big three game retailers in Aus, I can safely say none of them did while I was there.

      The 'offices' that game retailers have are shoeboxes.
      You can barely fit your stock in there let alone a photocopier, and the company wouldn’t provide the paper or ink for it either.
      So the answer is no ^ ^

    @Xerox - No way. Worked at EB for four years, hard enough getting a new POS when one breaks down, let alone a printer :)

    We used to do this for quite a while at the DFO EB, until we get told off for having games without ratings on the cover. So we started putting ratings on. Then got told off for being wise guys.

    Perhaps the same store? http://imgur.com/0ksxh

    Its cool that someone took the time to draw a cover, but shouldn't the copes with the 'generic' covers be a little cheaper? I'm pretty sure the store would have knocked at least $5 off the trade in price because the game was missing the cover, and if so, that should be reflected in the sales price, IMHO.

    I still prefer this one: http://edge.alluremedia.com.au/m/k/2011/09/gears-3.jpg

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