Which Video Game Anthem Should The London Philharmonic Record For Its Next Album?

Which Video Game Anthem Should The London Philharmonic Record For Its Next Album?

Last year, we were honoured to premiere the London Philharmonic’s album of video game music here at Kotaku. The esteemed ensemble is planning a follow-up album, and they’ve asked us to ask you to help them pick one of the songs that they’ll record. Whaddya say?

It’ll work like this: The poll below will be open all week, and will close at midnight on Friday. Unless otherwise specified, the music recorded will be the main theme from the game, or whatever is considered to be the primary theme. Everyone is allowed one vote, and whichever tune wins will be arranged for the Philharmonic and recorded for the album. Best of all, Kotaku will exclusively premiere whatever track you guys pick. So, make it a good one!

There are some great choices on here. Want to hear the London Philharmonic play the Castlevania theme? What about Final Fantasy VI? Or… dear god, how about Fez?

Here’s the poll. Have at it, and tell your friends.

Which Video Game Theme Should The London Philharmonic Record For Their Next Game-Music Album?


  • Voted Terra’s theme, luuuurv it so much.
    But as an aside, it made me strangely happy to see Golden Sun on there, knowing that other people out there appreciate those gems 😀

  • A lot of the games there I’ve heard plenty of times (all quite good too) but I’d love to hear the Deus Ex theme.

  • Man I seriously hope truly legendary and classical games (there are several in that list) won’t be overridden by the masses of new gamers playing Mass Effect or similar. As good as those games might be, they need to be let marinating for several years more before one can tell how relevant they actually were to game culture. That was my biggest disappointment with Melbourne’s Symphony of “Legends” (Apparently games that were just released or haven’t even been released can be considered legends now.)

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