While You Were Sleeping

The jet lag thing is still working for me. Waking up bright as a button y'all! Alright let's get kicking on with the video game news.

Alright Black Ops II is official. You can read about it here. That's an interesting one. The last time Activision did the whole 'sequel within a sequel' thing was with Modern Warfare. Must have been something to do with the fact Black Ops was the best selling Call of Duty game ever. SEQUEL INCEPTION!

Diablo III — the news is busting at the seams. This story may be the most important though — Diablo III will allow you to play on any region's server.

Should we stop apologising for video games? I think so. I'm happy to admit the vast majority of video games are pretty idiotic. That doesn't mean they don't have value, it's just means they're a tiny bit dumb. I also like dumb movies. Also — I am dumb.

Also — Portal stuff! This is how you make test chambers with Portal 2's level creator and this is a Portal themed Beyonce parody. Finally!

In Short Call of Duty: Black Ops II Is Official Diablo III Will Let You Play On Any Region's Server Most Popular Video Games Are Dumb, Can We Stop Apologising For Them Now Here's That Portal Themed Beyonce Parody You've Been Waiting For (Spoilers) Here's How You'll Make Test Chambers With Portal 2's Level Creator


    * "While You Were Sheeping"

    While Ewe Were Sleeping.

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