While You Were Sleeping

Wake up everyone! [Rings massive bell] Game news! GET YOUR GAME NEWS! WE'VE GOT YOUR OVERNIGHT GAME NEWS RIGHT HERE!

Sorry about that. Just wanted to make sure you were all awake!

Alrighty then, how about I start this whole thing with a pimp of my LittleBigPlanet Karting article that I posted late last night. I'm imagining that not many of you read it, so go read it. William Ho, the top banana behind the game, is a lovely guy and he gave me a great interview.

Probably the biggest news, however, is the fact that Valve will not be showing any new software at E3. So there you go. No Half Life 3 for the near future by the looks of things.

We also have a big review of Fable Heroes. This game has flown over my radar massively, so I might give this a read myself. This is a piece about the sorry state of Mario and Sonic's attempt to team up, and could Microsoft be launching an Xbox 360 payment plan? Weird...

In Short No Half Life 3 At This Year's E3 Report: Microsoft Could Launch $99 Xbox 360 Bundle With Monthly Payment Plan The Sorry State Of Mario & Sonic, Gaming's Worst Team Up LittleBigPlanet Karting And Going Back To The Things You Love Fable Heroes: The Kotaku Review


    That dude with the bell means business.

      He KINDA looks like william shatner!

        A William Shatner and Andrew Bolt hybrid?

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