While You Were Sleeping

I'm tired. Urgh. Never mind. There's all this video game stuff to wake up to. What happened while you were sleeping? Read on MacDuff and ye shall find out.

Well, it looks like layoffs. Layoffs everywhere. It seems as though massive layoffs have hit Bioware Austin, which is surprising considering Star Wars: The Old Republic has been relatively successful, and it's the kind of game that requires constant updates.

The lay offs at 38 Studios are less surprising. We've been hearing reports that the Kingdom of Amalur studio has been struggling, and this is the end result.

And then there's Nintendo stuff. I was sure I'd seen this cool evolving Wii U tablet GIF before, but it's cool regardless. So why not look at it? Also — the 3DS has now shifted six million units in Japan. It's crazy how well that handheld is doing after a slow start.

And finally, could this be the Justice League game we've all been waiting for?

(No. The answer is no.)

In Short Kingdoms of Amalur Developer Lays Off Some Employees After Missing Payroll Layoffs Hit Star Wars: The Old Republic Developers Six Million 3DS Units Sold In Japan Watch The Wii U Controller Change Before Your Very Eyes Batman Gets Top Billing But This Might Be A Great Justice League Game


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