While You Were Sleeping

You know that moment when your alarm doesn't go off? When you wake up and instantly you know you're late? Man, I had that this morning. But never mind! I still managed to get in on time. Just. Anyways... onto the news!

Well, this is important — if you're a customer of Telstra’s GameArena or Games Shop, you won't be able to log in using your existing password. Apparently 35,000 customer passwords have been hacked. No credit card information was leaked, but Telstra has automatically reset everyone's passwords as a precaution. Head here for more details.

Bloody Diablo III — the stories just keep on coming. I love this headline: 'Diablo III Sales Are Awesome But Blizzard Isn't Sure How Awesome'. We also have this — the four best Diablo III errors you'll never get.

Dragon's Dogma, to me, was the very definition of a game you wait for the review for. And the WAIT IS OVER!

Finally — do you like love stories? This is the love story between a human being and his first gaming PC.

In Short 35,000 Telstra Passwords Reset After Games Services Hacked My First Gaming PC: A Love Story Dragon's Dogma: The Kotaku Review The Four Best Diablo III Errors You'll Never Get Diablo III Sales Are Awesome But Blizzard Isn't Sure How Awesome


    Ha, I do that so often now. Mainly because I use my DS (phat) as my alarm, because it's got a fantastic little buzzer that actually wakes me up but at the same time doesn't give me heart palpatations. Only problem is half the time I forget to turn the volume up again after I've set it. That or I go to set it when I need to change the time on it, and leave it on the "You have set the alarm for XX:XX, do you want to turn it on now?" screen by accident >_>

    I think today must be 'national alarm fail day', because mine failed to wake me as well!

    You are awesome for using Clockwise as the thumbnail and you should feel awesome.

    Mine worked fine!

    I keep hitting "off" instead of "snooze".

      I don't know if it's just because all the alarms I've had are too old or something, but I don't understand why anyone would use the Snooze button. In all those cases, the default snooze time is 59 minutes and it only goes down if you hold it til it shrinks to the size you want. But then the next time you press it, it says 59 again. If I slept for another hour every time my alarm went off, I'd never be on time to anything ever :/

        The snooze time for most alarm clocks is 9 minutes. I don't know what crazy alarm clock you have.

    Clockwise....haven't seen that since the days of video rental places....having videos. John Cleese + stuffiness = reasonable film.

    I have those mornings sometimes, no thanks to my sometimes reliable IPhone alarm.
    And every time it happens, the first word of the day, without fail is "Sh1t."

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