While You Were Sleeping

It's funny how everyday has it's own little narrative. Oh no! It's Monday! Hurray, it's Friday. Today is Friday everyone. Hurray! Now — video games.

Well, not a massive news night, really. No-one seems to be tired of reading or writing about Diablo III yet, but this news is probably worth hearing: according to Blizzard, the number of players that are claiming their accounts have been hacked is actually very small. Typically we expect these hacks to be a big, widespread thing, but on this occasion it's not.

I love Maniac Mansion. I also love the whole Metroidvania design thing. I also also love Ron Gilbert. So this Ron Gilbert game that mixes Maniac Mansion with a little Metroidvania? It's precisely the Frankenstein's Monster I've been waiting for!

Apparently Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is getting a difficulty upgrade. BOOM. Scammers who conned people into buying a fake version of Angry Birds have been ordered to give everyone their money back. BOOM. And why does Call of Duty still have a single player campaign? That seems like a silly question to me but also BOOM.

In Short Blizzard: Number Of Players Claiming Hacked Diablo III Accounts Extremely Small Ron Gilbert's New Game Mixes Maniac Mansion With A Little Metroidvania Minecraft On Xbox 360 Will Edge Closer To Its PC Counterpart With Difficult 1.8 Upgrade Why The Next Call Of Duty Still Has A Single Player Campaign Scammers Behind Fake Version Of Angry Birds Ordered To Refund Customers


    Every day? I dunno, Tuesday's pretty bland. Maybe it's time for us to write it a gritty new back story?

      Thin wisps of smoke lingered in the air, dancing in the stripes of light let in by the dusty blinds. Tuesday stubbed out his cigarette, and briefly pondered another before deciding that the half finished whisky bottle on the table would be enough for now.

      Rendered in atmospheric black and white, Tuesday was the very epitome of noir. Dramatic and moody, but ultimately lackadaisical and a little impaired at all times. Just the way it was supposed to be.

      Feet up on the corner of the cheap old scuffed desk. Leaning back in the rickety old swivel chair, listening to the chipped floorboards creak beneath the stained carpet. Doing no work.

      This was Tuesday’s story. And it started here.

        This is what I'm talking about.

        Henceforth I shall consider Tuesday as a time for being moody, lazy and choosing booze over smokes.

    Pedantry alert: "everyday has it's own" should be "every day has its own"

    I was tired of reading and writing about D3 before it came out >_> just saying... Not no one :P

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