While You Were Sleeping

Hello everyone. Another day another dollar yall. Let's see what video game stuff went down while you were sleeping.

Is this a leak of Halo 4's multiplayer beta? Probably. You know, it's hard to bloody tell with the quality of this footage. Still, I'm super excited for Halo 4. It's in my genetics, I simply can't help it. I'm going to find it pretty difficult to not click on this link and scour for details.

This footage, however, the first gameplay of the new Tomb Raider — that's decent quality. I've like the direction this game seems to be headed in — but it's starting to look a little bit sub-Uncharted for my tastes. The game's delayed into 2013, but I'm prepared to wait.

I reported on this on Friday, but Minecraft is doing pretty well on the Xbox LIVE chart. Incredibly well, actually. Three Nintendo icons draw Kirby and this is a Minecraft wedding!

In Short Three Nintendo Icons Draw Kirby Minecraft Breaks Call Of Duty's Grip Atop Xbox LIVE's Chart Is This A Leak Of Halo 4's Multiplayer Beta Here's The First Gameplay Trailer For The New Tomb Raider From Those Who Brought You The Minecon Proposal, Here's The Minecraft Wedding


    why couldn't I come up with minecraft? Then i'd be tweeting from my own personal pacific island sipping pina coladas instead of washed out instant coffee at my desk, typing away on my 7 yr old keyboard. Just one more page of code to write...

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