While You Were Sleeping

Alright, I've just about managed to drag myself out ofbed — and that means you have to wake up too! Read this video game news. Many bothans woke up to bring you this information...

The more I hear about E3 the more I think there's going to a lot of no-shows, very few surprises and plenty of disappointment. There's going to be little in the way of new technology, no new Bungie game, and now we're hearing that there'll be no new Final Fantasy XIV trailer either.

Also you may have heard that there's a new Zone of Enders on the way — well there is! Hideo Kojima will be involved, but not enough for my liking! Can't they just clone the guy or something?

How are bad user interfaces ruining video games? Let Tim Rogers tell you! This is an interesting piece about a woman who tried to make video games for girls, and Harry Potter? Batman will kick your arse all over this concept art.

In Short How Bad User Interfaces Are Ruining Video Games And Other Wonderful Things No New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer At E3 She Tried To Make ood Video Games For Girls, Whatever That Meant What's Hideo Kojima Doing On The New ZOE? Not Enough Harry Potter Batman Will Kick Your Arse All Over This Concept Art


    Do want that sleeping bag.

      For your purchasing pleasure - http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/bb2e/?srp=1

        Dammit, that sleeping bag would be the perfect present for the miss, if only ThinkGeek would use iparcel like Amazon, and not DHL who charges almost $100 of shipping on top of the $100 of the sleeping bag... I've been trying to find it on ebay or another shop, but no luck after more than a year now...

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